Monday, May 16, 2011

manic Monday

Oh my oh my.  What a weekend and week to come.  I'll try to be brief and then get back to Cheerio pics.  This week we have minimal appointments.  Bojan is still leaking hydraulic fluid in his knee.  Hate that knee, I really do.  Nothing but trouble.  He goes back to prosthetics tomorrow to see what we all can do about it.  Nik's implants are still intermittently working.  Have to fit him in some time but not an emergency so most likely next week.  Getting Bojan & Nik a shot this week.  Warren has to do something w/ his mouth but we have no idea what.  Calling the dental school tomorrow for sure.  I called insurance today about Nik's speech therapy.  Fixed now, we think.  Warren broke a 4th tooth at camp this past weekend.  More to come on all the financial stuff in another post.  Trust me, it's not pretty. 

Going to get the pool fixed this week too.  Not fixed, but ready for summer I should say. Cleaning it and all.  Max is going to be working on our yard this week as am I w/ some weed pulling and planting.  Warren is going to fix my fountain and hang up some of the window boxes we have from last year.  Need some patches here and there. 

We are staying home this coming weekend as we were in the mountains all this past weekend.  The weekend afterwards is Memorial Day Weekend.  Having my in-laws come for a cookout one day and then we'll go the zoo on Monday.  Keeping it all simple for a reason.  Got to get the kids working on all the cards for while I'm gone.  B-days and such. 

Alyona failed her EOG's.  We knew she would.  It's a fact.  Giving a child who can't read a 4th grade level test is just STUPID you state people!  I will not say more on that subject.  They know how I feel about the tests.  She's in special ed for a reason. 

As if we didn't have enough going on.  Stepped outside in the garage and the our sub-zero freezer is not working.  Everything a loss I believe.  ALL our meat and I mean ALL our meat.  2 months worth.  Hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth.  NOT exaggerating a bit.  All thawed.  Not sure right now if it can be salvaged or if it's even safe to.  URGHH!!!  We can not replace it.  So, if my kids tell you they are eating tons of spaghetti & PBJ, you'll know why.  and I am not kidding.  I can not afford to replace all that right now.  Praying we can at least salvage some.  We'll see. 

Puppies chewed all window sills while gone.  And the couch.  Again, can't replace right now so just have to laugh about it.  NOT!  Told the kids anything that is broken is not being replaced any time soon w/ an adoption happening.  3 adoptions happening.  Which reminds me.  Paid $6743 today in fees.  Ouch!   Next is airline tickets.  After that, my tax money is G-O-N-E.  I must raise funds before we leave on the first trip.  MOre on that in another post.  It is serious now and I'll explain all this in detail.  Right now, need to get some exercise in as dinner tonight is not the healthiest.  Hot dogs on grill, fresh corn on the cob, homemade potato wedges.  Fruit for dessert.  Okay, so that's healthy.  But that's about it. 

Much, much more happening and much more to come.  A little more about the adoption stuff soon.  I'm so ready to see my kids.  So very ready.  It's been a long time coming but they say good things come to those who wait.  This is going to be great if that's motto's true.  Stay tuned for more cheerio pics later this evening.  Right now, gardening time, dinner time & homework time. 

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