Monday, May 2, 2011

Manic Monday

Already Monday.  What a bummer.  Had a very productive weekend but time to get back to other things.  So many things going on so I'll try to do a brief summary of things taking place this week.  I take 5 kids to the dentist this week.  Hope all goes well.   So far, those are the only medical related stuff this week.  I'm not even bothering calling Duke back for Bojan's surgery stuff.  Want to enjoy the summer and w/ us traveling, I don't want to have to have someone else deal with a cast all the way up his hip.  And, a non-accessible house w/ a wheelchair.  So, we'll wait on any possible surgery.

Trying to get the house organized and our life.  We are making some big decisions and the main one is the schooling situation.  I'm pretty certain we will be pulling Irina, Bojan, Alex and Alyona at the very least.  We may give Max & Yana a shot at high school.  I've had success w/ Max's school & that's where Yana is going.  HOwever, given her history, if she can't stay focused on school, she will be pulled as well.  So, currently looking like 4 kids to homeschool.  Maybe 5 as I'm still torn w/ Nik's schooling.  Not sure what to do yet and exploring options coming up when we go to Deaf Camp.  There are other homeschooling parents there and all kinds of communication issues.  Want to see how they handle it before making a decision.  And, being that the school really only gave me the name of the reading program and didn't tell me much about it, I'm not impressed.  He wants to read.  He is reading but not to the extent he should be I feel.  Again, I'll have more insight once I speak to a variety of other parents and professionals at camp.

After schooling decision is made, we have another huge decision.  To move from this home & county or not.  Warren would have to commute no matter where we'd move to so distance has to be kept in mind.  We feel we need to move from this county as services are not the best for developmentally delayed adults.  I've heard this from many parents who've gone through this process already.  In addition, heard this from the county's mental health center themselves.  There's just nothing here.  This is a big deal as we have children that will be aging into that category soon.  Being able to have a place for them to live whether at our home or close by is a big deal.  Our home currently is not suited for that situation.  Thought about adding another garage w/ an apartment type setting on top for when the kids are older but not sure.  So many decisions for sure.

Okay, I'll discuss more in depth the above later.  I started this whole post this morning before I got a call from Yana.  Her right side was hurting and she couldn't stand up straight.  No fever but wanted to rule out appendicitis.  Still not ruled out yet.  He said at this stage, it would be really early.  So, we watch her this evening and if still hurting in the morning, take her back.  Doc said if fever gets over 100.5, take her to ER.   Right now, she's sleeping.  It could also be ovarian cysts which I have personally and mine also presented as appendicitis at this age.  So, at a wait and see stance.  So, tomorrow I take Irina, Nik & Bojan to the dentist.  Also, waiting to see how Yana does.  Think she'll be fine.  Speech therapist is coming soon so need to go and start dinner before she gets here.  Okay, speech therapist came and Yana is fine.  Bojan looks like his face is totally peeling off!  It's disgusting.  Poison ivy that he couldn't leave alone.  Now, they're definitely not going to let him go to school tomorrow.  He has eczema so when you put the caladryl on him, it looks as though he's had a chemical burn.  He thinks it's funny.  Least he can joke about it.  Alyona doesn't want to do homework.  Yet, I got Nik to do everything but one page for the entire week.  It is definitely a Monday.  Lots to say just not enough time right now.  

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