Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

don't know when I'll be back again.  Love that song.  We are leaving on a jet plane but fortunately, we do know when we'll be back.  We fly out of RDU at 1:26pm on Saturday, June 11th.  Flights are  RDU to Philly to Frankfurt to Sofia.  We then depart Sofia on  June 20th, Monday.  SOF to Frankfurt to Chicago to RDU.  Arriving home at...drumroll please....12:45 am.  Yep, middle of the night.  Not loving that part.  Be home the 21st of June.  Shoot me now.  LOL. 

For those in the adoption world, these were done through Golden Rule Travel... the BEST travel agency ever!  They get missionary fares and have great rates.  Even that being said though, we still had a ticket price of $3031 for two tickets!  That hurt.  NOT in the budget at all.  Had we flown in April, this would not have been an issue.  Lots less as far as price goes.  However, our kids are worth it. No matter what the ransom.  I will have a separate post regarding adoption costs. 

Things should start falling into place as far as getting stuff done goes.  I have made a list.  checked it ten times and added more.  Currently, there are 55 items on my list.  Umm, I leave in 22 days!  You do the math!  Crap.  I forgot to add packing to the list though that is an obvious one.  Oh well.  My next main task is finding drivers to and from the airport.  So, if anyone locally may be able to help out w/ that, please let me know.  Saturday, June 11th at 1:26pm is when we depart.  Need a driver for then.  Also need a driver for our return... June 21st at 12:45am.  Yes, I'm well aware it's the middle of the night but at least there's no traffic.  Okay, looking for a bright side on the arrival time.  Much more to come.  Last Camp Cheerio pics for sure.  We are staying put this weekend as Warren has to work tomorrow on campus and well, frankly I have enough paperwork for 20 people.  In addition to a major adoption trip to plan, we also must make arrangements for a reunion out of state when we come home, 2 birthday parties (Alex & Alyona) and 4th of July.  Yes, all those are on that stupid list.  I'm going to start to delegate that list like I used to do in management.  LOL   Have a wonderful weekend.  Off to work for me.  After a nice ham dinner and a walk afterwards, I'm sitting down and filling out papers.  Friday night, here I come. 

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  1. Oh you have to love international adoption! Is Bulgaria a two trip place? Wish I was close enough to help you out. But glad your husband is going with you!
    pat spencer