Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happenings at Chaos Manor

Oh my so much is happening at Chaos Manor.  I had 2 days off and got some things done but not enough.  Not nearly enough. I have 2 "littles" today & think I"m going to take them to the bounce house.  Looks like it may rain so we'll see.  Thought I'd fill in a little of what's going on.  You saw the list.  It's growing.  And that's okay.  As long as I remember to do one thing at a time and not stress.  Not stressing is not in my nature though so this may not work.

We must pack for Camp Cheerio today.  Must find the Halloween costumes for the spooky dance tomorrow.  Yana said she'd wash the van and Bojan & Max are going to vacuum it out.  We always clean out the van before we go on a trip.  We also have to get supplies for camp.  Everyone brings drinks and such to share for the workshops.  Going to have Warren stop by Sam's on the way home from work today.  That should take care of Cheerio stuff.

Next we have an insurance issue that MUST be resolved.  Speech therapist can no longer come out here.  Says insurance only pays for 30 visits.  Umm, we're unlimited.  We've had this conversation before w/ insurance.  Apparently, you have to still prove you're deaf.  Okie dokie.  We can do that.  In addition, Warren is in LOTS of pain.  I really do feel for him.  He has two cracked crowns that have leaked. He needs two dental implants.  Trying to figure out how we can do it.  Cost:  $7640!  There is no way we can.  It's sad that the price of two teeth is more than what we pay for a car.  I was shocked to say the least.  We are calling the local dental school here but the lists are usually long and no guarantee you'll get in.  His have already started to get infected dentist said due to the leak.  Dentist can't see him again till June.  We are trying to ask anyone and everyone for some options.  We don't have the money.  I'll be honest.  Just not there.  Neither is the adoption money yet but that is a whole separate post to come.  This tooth thing is so bad, he's seriously considering going to Costa Rica to get the work done.  For a 1/3 of the cost (including airfare).  There has been someone local who's done it & he'd do it again.  Equipment and all the same they said.  Who knows.  We just know we can't do almost $8K when all is said and done.  So, suggestions are welcomed for sure. 

This morning, apparently Nik filled Bojan liner w/ water.  Liner already had holes in it.  It ripped.  He's down to one liner that also has holes in it.  Once it rips, it's no good.  Air gets in and there's no seal.  Can't put the leg on.  Just another thing to add to the to do list.  Nik tried to play innocent and use the tears.  Umm, didn't work with me.  Nik also broke one of my salt shakers this morning.  URGHH!!!  It was not a banner morning for him.  Bojan's knee is also leaking hydraulic fluid.  He has an appt. on Tuesday.  We like the true knee better for sure.  This adult knee I just don't think was made for such rough & tough kids' play. 

My main thing is finding a travel partner so I can officially book the tickets.  There are two other ladies that are checking on stuff today to see if they can go.  That would be a relief to have this figured out today & book tickets.  One less thing on that list would be wonderful.  Not holding my breath though.

Just got a call.  Nik's in pain from the implants.  Something's not working right.  No idea what.  Trouble shoot when he gets home.  He does not want them on.  When this happens, typically there ends up being something wrong.  Hope the AB folks are there this weekend as no way I can get them fixed today.  We have ONE spare processor.  Never dull here, that's for sure.

Much more going on but too busy to write about it all.  Just ready to relax tomorrow and take a mini break.  Get home we have to find Yana a nice dress for a formal.  Can you believe it?!  A formal in 8th grade?!  I think it's a little much but I don't run the show.  LOL.  A generous lady gave my girls some clothes last night.  MUCH needed for the teens for sure.  Her daughter went onto college so had gone through some of her clothes.  Came at a very right time for sure.

Max loved mowing the grass for the church last night so think that will become a regular thing for him.  Fantastic!  Opened up Max a bank account yesterday.  Comedy of errors and the lady was laughing the whole time.  She said "and how many teens do you have?"  Hey, at least someone was laughing.  Next, we'll open one up for Irina.  With Max having odd jobs here & there and a bank account open, I think he's set.  Next one is Irina to focus on for sure.  So, getting her a bank account on Monday.  Hoping to let her get some applications in too.

Not much else going on right now.  Well, there is but frankly just too much for me to write about.  We're all thrilled about tomorrow.  Though it's supposed to rain this weekend, that will not dampen our spirits.  With news of an unsubstantiated investigation, officially being allowed to book tickets to meet the new kids, and sense of relief, I think we'll all be able to really enjoy ourselves and finally unwind a bit.  It's been a very hard, trying few months.  Time to breathe in some mountain air, sip some hot cocoa, take in the view, meet up with friends and enjoy!  And that is just what we intend to do.  I'll post pictures on Sunday evening from the trip I'm sure.  No internet there so no posts Friday or Saturday.  Hope you all will enjoy your weekend as much as we will.  May have another post or two before tomorrow but after that, I take a break too.  

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