Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flowers in bloom

It's that time of year to enjoy some color in our yard.  Thought I'd share a few pictures of a little color that has started here.  Hope you enjoy.

 I love fuschia hanging baskets.  They are not done justice in this photo. 

 We have two window boxes on the front porch.  For now, they have impatients in them.  They get much bigger than this and look gorgeous once they fill out. 

We have a planter by our sidewalk.  So, we filled it w/ a few petunias since it gets full sun.  BTW, that's a bug catcher thing on the left side.  I'm sure it has a dead frog in it.  

 One of our hostas.  They get about 3 to 4 feet across.  Have a feeling the bug catchers were at it again w/ that rock laying there.  Okay, I messed up the picture below so couldn't write under it, so writing above it.  hanging baskets have a splash of yellow.  The shrub on the bottom right is another hydrangea bush.  It gets bright pink flowers and should be the size of the others in another year.  They get big fast if you let them grow and really water them...a lot.  The green things that look like weeds growing along the house are actually impatients.  It looks fantastic when they are in bloom and tall.  This whole area fills w/ white and pink and purple flowers.  At no cost!

The first two of these are the mop-laced variety type of hydrangeas.  I do believe they cost me $2 a piece about 2 years ago when they looked like they were dying.  These are just beautiful when they get the purple flowers on them. 

 One of our hydrangea bushes.  I cut part of this each year & transplant some of it in other parts of the yard.  they all have survived.  They do well.

 This shrub has purple flowers on it. 

It also has blue flowers on it.  

We constantly have fresh cut flowers in this years which I love.  Now, we are mixing Iris' and hydrangeas for fresh cut arrangements all over the house.  Love the colors.  These are a glimpse of some of our flowers.  I love flowers around a house and in a yard.   I experiment some days w/ flowers.  Some go well and some we toss.  Love this time of year and hope my kids keep my flowers alive while we're in Bulgaria.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  

We worked on the yard today and girls and I went to yardsales.  We did great.  Got some free bike helmets for the kids, 2 new bicycles for the girls, an end table for $5 to replace the old free one we had.  Even found Max a drawing table for $4.  I'll have to share some pictures later.  Warren is surprising the kids w/ an ice cream cake.  He's been at work all day & it's 7:30 now.  We had a gift cert for $10 so it won't cost much & will be a great treat for all the hard work everyone did today in & out of the house.  Tomorrow is church, shots for Bojan, shopping, & parties to attend for Nik, Alyona & Alex.  Should be a fun day.  More to come.  Right now though, trying to get that list done. 

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