Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dead tired, dancing & dreadful hair

No, the post isn't about me nor are the pictures.  Though, I must admit, I am definitely dead tired.  Thought I'd share a couple of odd pics laying around in the files.  But first, some good news.  Irina, Bojan & Nik went to the dentist today.  No cavities nor any issues for any of them!  Wahoo!!! 

We play hard at Chaos Manor.  That is quite evident in this picture.  Nik taking a nap on the couch afte ra long day of play.  Rarely, will you ever find my boys w/ pajama tops on.  

Yana modeling the dress she bought for church service.  I won't even get into the discussion about shopping for dresses w/ her.  Let's just say her & I will probably never ever agree.  Ever.  This was not the dress she started out with.  I'm not made to shop with teen girls.  Nope, I'm not.  Got to love Bojan's face behind her.  

Too goofballs just goofing off.  Trying to replay some scene from a movie.  Yes, they could be in drama.  

And to think, a few years ago these two really couldn't stand each other.  Not kidding.  Yana was taught in Russia to not like people w/ physical disabilities.  She honestly was.  Ridiculous thinking to you & I but the norm over there.  Obviously, she's gotten over that.  I realize w/ this picture there is no order to that pantry whatsoever.  Oh well.  These two love the camera.

This was just funny.  Warren was in the process of cutting his hair.  He shaved two rows down each side.  He looks just silly.  No, we did not keep his hair this way.  Took us forever to convince him he needed his hair cut.  

Those were just some silly pictures I had around that I thought you might enjoy.  Need some humor right now as Chaos Manor is not going all that well today.  Warren and I busted the two teen girls for watching inappropriate things on tv.  Let me explain first.  Saving it for next post.  RAD reared its head and just been a long night.  More to come. 

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