Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cleaning up & chillin'

though it was a holiday weekend, we honestly did much of nothing.  Mainly b/c in June we are booked solid w/ traveling and disruption in routine.  So, need to stay home this weekend & next to prepare kids for all that.  It was good though b/c we decided to clear out some clutter for sure & clean up as well.

 Max was helping clear out the living room for the girls to sweep & mop.  Alaska refused to move so he just moved her right along.  No complaints.

Warren was busy doing repair work this weekend. He painted the front door frame & chipped away at rotting windows in the back.  He even fixed a few of my window boxes so that they could be hung up again.  You can never have too many flowers.  Just adds so much color.  

 Digby's favorite spot.  The front porch.  Think he likes the coolness of the cement.  and the fact that the kids can't kick a ball in his face if on the porch.

Warren taking a short break from all his hard work this past weekend.  This hammock is the one that usually flips us all over.  It's really a balancing act to stay on.  It's like a scene out of a cartoon when the person flips round and round.  Kids just do it to see who can flip over the fastest.  Other hammock on the other set of trees is much better.  Still,nice to lay down for a minute.

Today was field day at school.  It was brutally hot.  Read 104 on one sign.  The condition Alex was in was on the brink of passing out.  I could tell.  Gave him my gatorade as I passed him in the hall.  I'm ordering the cooling vest today.  His body just can't regulate  the temp in this extreme heat we have.  Not good.  Found one for $39 so ordering and hoping it works alright for him.  He'll have to use it when we go to the family reunion for sure.  I stayed for a bit and then came home.  Now, getting ready to fill more papers out.  Yes, there are that many.  Yes it does seem never ending.  Yes, you will eventually get through it.  I'm sure kids will swim this afternoon.  I have no "littles" today which has been great to be able to get stuff done.  Making lists and POA's while we are gone.  I'm trying to keep things as easy as possible but you still have to prepare just in case.  Have a great day.  I'll have more pictures up later tonight but really, my focus as of lately has indeed been this adoption trip.  Family reunion is completely planned & handled.  Right down to the dog/ puppy sitter.  Even the birthday parties are planned for Alex & Alyona.  Even signed up for VBS.  All focus now is completely & utterly on getting the kids, getting the orphanage donations necessary & trying not to panic.  More to come. 

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