Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cheerio, here we go...

Okay, for those who tried to comment or write me or what have you, blogger was down. There was another post I had written before I left.  It's gone too.  Hey, it happens.  Now, all seems back to normal so going to write a little about what happens before we take a little trip in our house.  Here goes.

Some of us actually do some work.  Max is vacuuming out the van for us.  Don't you just love that fence decor.  Slip & slide drying out.  

Some of us chose to goof around rather than help...URGHH!!!  She did wash the van so I shouldn't say much.  We had 7 other kids there that day helping us out for the trip.  

More goofing off.  An "extra, a "little," Bojan & Alyona.  Why they were messing w/ the little tricycle, I'm not quite sure.

Nik keeping one of the "littles" entertained.  Umm, you think the yard will get yard of the month?  LOL.  Looks horrible!  The honeysuckles along that fence smell wonderful though.  

Some more "helping" for the trip as you can see.  

They were trying on costumes for the Spooky Dance.  Yeh, nice packing kids.

 Irina trying to help out a bit & straighten things out.  Love how my kids just dump the sleeping bags & backpacks in the middle of the floor?  See, even though my kids appear old enough to pack, with FAS, you must, must check behind them.  Trust me, I learned that the hard way years ago. 

I know it's hard to tell what's going on here & just what the puppies are attacking.  They are attacking Irina wearing a gorilla mask.  See, the puppies absolutely can not stand anyone in a mask, hood or hat.  They go ballistic.  The kids know this & purposefully taunt the dogs.  Don't worry.  No kids or puppies were harmed in this event.  Yep, trip taking 101 you do not want to take from our family.  Not the way to get the packing done.

Yana, trying on her costume for the dance at camp.  In the end though, she didn't end up wearing it.  

We managed to pack, finally.  It was chaotic but hey, it isn't called Chaos Manor for a reason.  But, at least it is somewhat organized chaos.  We were ready to go that evening even though late.  Off to bed & then it was time to rise & shine early that morning.  Our goal was to leave by 7:30.  Umm, did we make it?  Stayed tuned & find out.  I'll have the rest of Cheerio in a bit.  Right now, so, so much to do.  Really, really do.  Warren took off tomorrow & good thing he did.  Poor guy broke yet another tooth at camp. That makes four.  Situation serious.  Have to figure out what to do tomorrow.  it's nuts!  Crazy as the 5 of the kids just went to the dentist w/ no issues.  Thank goodness.  No cavities either.  More to come tomorrow for sure.  Camp Cheerio was energetic, enlightening, & refreshing for sure.  Can't wait to share all about Cue Camp at Camp Cheerio!  More to come. 

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  1. Camp is always fun!

    I wonder are there any ASL based camps that Nik or the family could attend? That would allow for some networking as well as assistance with language development and exposure to signing Deaf adults and children. Just a thought. I know there's one in New York (Camp Mark 7) that runs a family camp as well as weekly camps for kids and there are several more throughout the country. I'm not sure if there's something more local for you, or if you feel that Nik would be ready for a week away from home.

    Gallaudet runs camps too - one is for ages 4-?? for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing kids. They also have ASL camps for teenagers. Of course, that would mean trekking to DC and I'm not sure if they have accommodations available or how that works. They do have dorms and a hotel on campus. I would offer to put you up here, but my apartment is pretty small :)

    I'm glad that things on the adoption front seem to be moving forward - I hope it all works out and is successful.