Thursday, May 19, 2011

Camp Cheerio (Saturday)

After breakfast on Saturday, it was time for classes.  I obviously don't have pictures of the kids during their activities as we are in workshops at the time.  The teens that afternoon took a 3 to 4 mile canoe down a river.  they had an awesome time!  They also did rock climbing, archery, and a variety of other activities that weekend.  I really wish the adults could do some of this stuff versus the learning workshops.  LOL.  We did learn a ton there though.  The DPI(department of public instruction) is even going to help us access Nik's learning and what he needs from the school.  That is fantastic.  Found out the reading program they want to use w/ Nik is ancient.  There are much better ones out there.  We'll find him one.  Also, found out what we knew all along.  Vocab is priority versus pushing him grade through grade.  Language is key for learning for sure.  We kind of knew this as all of ours are second language speakers.  Made sense but these teachers really put things in perspective.  Wow, do they ever know their stuff and teach it well.  Very grateful.  There was a pyschologist there but it was a bit hard to sit through.  She was good, it wasn't that but we are "atypical."  The whole sibling rules don't really apply to our kids.  We have that birth order thing skewed, some virtual twins, etc.  We also do things differently at our home due to FAS.  You can NOT let them "work it out themselves" at our home.  LOL.  Can you imagine?!  FASers seem to have no "off" switch.  They do not know when to stop.  So for us, we just listened to the psychologist knowing that it is different at our home.  You just don't really realize how different it is at our home until you're in a room full of people listening to an expert speak of how things "should work."  It's alright.  Just was interesting knowing we must parent that much differently than the rest of the world due to the amount of FAS in our home.  Still informative though for sure.

 Bojan, just relaxing before the next activity takes place. 

Alyona trying to make silly faces at the camera.  I think she was successful.

 Nik playing around w/ his toy someone got him.  Very sweet of them for sure.  It lights up btw.  I was able to get some shirts or sweatshirts for the kids from last year's stock.  Shirts were $5 and sweatshirts were $10.  I know they'll wear them.  I have mine from a few years ago.  It's great!  Next year I'll definitely need to budget for these extras.  Love the look of wonder of something so simple.  May Nik never lose that. 

It rained.  A lot.  Beautiful clouds and such would roll in.  At one point all of us in the gym were not so sure it was the safest place to be during a storm.  I mean really... a giant tin building on the top of a hill.  We survived, no worse for wear.  This Saturday evening there was a magic show that all ages enjoyed.  After that we were able to enjoy a nice ice cream social.  It was a chance to chat with others.  Such great people to meet.  Love hearing their stories.  

Unfortunately, our evening did not end as planned.  I will not write on here what exactly transpired in order to protect those involved.  Just know I was beyond disappointed in my daughter.  I truly was.  I know my kids have tons of barriers to overcome but I refuse to let that justify any wrong doings that take place.  No excuse.  Yana is being punished.  She is working on apologizing.  It will take forever for me to trust again.  Just thought I'd share as we have trials just as anyone else with teens do.  We are not exempt.  Problem we have even more than the typical teen stuff is ours have frontal lobe brain damage from FAS.  No cause and effect thinking, no impulse control, poor judgment and the list goes on.  As parents of older teens w/ FAS, we are learning to address these things as they come along.  Taking any advice we can for others who've been there.  Finding out what works and what doesn't here & sometimes by trial and error. 

Enough of that.  We came back to the cabin to retire for our last evening at Camp Cheerio.  Next morning we woke up to a new day.  Went for breakfast and then off to classes.  Again, learned so, so much more.  Loved it.  Got to run.  So much paperwork to fill out before our trip. 

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