Monday, May 16, 2011

Camp Cheerio (on the road)

Did we make it by 7:30 am?  Of course not.  This is us you're talking about.  We have never been on time anywhere.  I truly believe that is a fairly true statement.  It's ridiculous. It's not for lack of trying I can assure you.  I honestly thought we'd be out by 8am.  Nope.  9am.  Hey, at least traffic was gone by that time. 

This is Trip the Traveler.  yes, he is a gnome.  Everyone tried to think of a name for him.  Trip was the best that they came up with.  Think Travelocity will give us a discount if we book a trip through them?  LOL.  

Nik and Bojan just hanging out.  Later, they'll be fighting but I didn't get a shot of that one.  I was too busy breaking it up.  The fight was over Nik putting his leg too close to Bojan.  The easy solution would be to just scoot over in the spare seat.  Did they?  Of course not.  That would make too much sense.  URGHH!!!


 This is something you just don't see everyday going down the highway.

Closer view of the helicopter going down the highway.  It was something for the Veterans.  It was on the front but going 70mph, you kind of miss some of the writing.  And, it was onto Camp Cheerio.

 When we got there, we got a pleasant surprise.  They had completely renovated all the cabins!  New air conditioners, lighting, bathrooms, cubbies, etc.  It was awesome. 

 Everyone checking out the new sleeping arrangements.  Check out that space!  This is truly one of the best places I've been for being a cabin.

Seriously, 3 sinks!  How lucky are we?  Look at the new tile. It was so new, it still smelled like paneling stain and paint.  LOL.  

 This was part of the shower stall.  The cabins had two toilets w/ doors and then 2 separate shower stalls.  A place to shower and then to get dressed. 

This was the name of our cabin this year as our usual cabin, the Navajo, was in process of being renovated.  It was just another perfect layer to put on the weekend for sure.  More pictures around the camp and a little more about what we do there.  Well, besides make some really wonderful friends and get to hear some great stories.  Love hearing what others do.  One lady even backpacked across Europe!  Just fascinating people for sure.   More to come on Camp Cheerio.  For now, I do have work to do around the house. 

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