Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Camp Cheerio (hanging around)

We arrived and got settled into our cabin.  It was a little time before lunch so we just decided to hang around the cabin & such & take in the view.

The kids when we first arrived.  All smiles and ready to go get started.   The amount of enthusiasm was contagious.  Wonderful feeling.  Even Trip seemed happy.  As happy as a gnome can get anyway.  

Of course my kids have to do the goofy faces pictures. 

Hanging outside of our cabin before lunch.  The cabin on the right is ours.  The one on the left is the one we shared w/ the Russian family.  they have 5 kids.  So, we are all used to noise.  

Alyona just chilling out on the rocking chair.  Taking in the view of the mountains.  This is the porch of the dining hall.  Love it!

 Max just veggie out on the front porch.  We were killing time.  Isn't the grass just a beautiful green?  The front porch is so ideal here.  Can seat many people at once and views all around.  The building behind him is another lodge that has many individual rooms. 

This is a hint of what was to come.  That white strip in the background is the waterslide tarp going all the way down the hill!  Non-stop.  Wait till you see those pics in my next post.  The first day you arrive, register, have lunch & then go to activities.  Adults go to workshops and the kids go to arts & crafts.  We then meet the kids & the waterslide was at 5pm.  Dinner was at 6pm.  Then, a spooky dance at 7pm.  More to come.  Waterslide & spooky dance pictures are next.  Love sharing camp with you all. 

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