Friday, May 20, 2011

Camp Cheerio (the conclusion)

Sunday was the last day at Camp Cheerio.  So, we left the cabin for our usual view. 

You can click on it to make it bigger.  Isn't it amazing?  Clouds covering the mountains.  Beautiful.  Looks like cotton all over.  Taking in the view before breakfast and before the clouds break.

Watching Nik playing baseball.  Can't beat the view in many ways.  Just think, he would most likely not be alive today had he stayed.  He was being transferred to a mental institution b/c he was deaf.  Look at him now!

 A final picture before we depart.  Just so relaxing.  A place to dream.

Every year they have a book fair so that the money can go towards next year's camp.  Though I'd love to get a book for each, just couldn't this year.  So, got them the Special Edition Ripley's Believe it or Not book.  Very entertaining for a ride home.  Max and Bojan really enjoyed it.  We're all still reading it.  More fun than anything.  

We pass a Christmas Tree farm on the why out.  Mountains of NC are just gorgeous.  We love coming here every year.  Our kids love coming to Camp Cheerio.  The people and commradery are fantastic.  You come out of this weekend with a renewed sense of well-being.  You feel like you can do more.  You are clearly refreshed, relaxed, and revived.  You take away more knowledge every year.  More friends.  More understanding of your child.  You take away so many precious gifts that you seriously can not imagine missing a single year ever.  Next year, all 12 of us will be going.  Yikes!  We again will start counting down the days.  Shoot, I've already had Alex ask me when do we go again.  We've only been home 6 days.  We all love it that much.  You feel welcomed there.  No one judges you for your communication choice for your child.  people get excited when you share the small details of your child's progress.  I can not really fully explain the experience of a weekend at Camp Cheerio.  All I can say is anyone is invited to come and learn.  It will change you and your child's life.  Please consider coming next year.  We had a wonderful time at Camp Cheerio in Roaring Gap, NC.  We ate lunch that last day, said our goodbyes and were on our way home.  Home seemed a world away.  Though I must admit we all missed our puppies something fierce.  And clearly, they missed us.  Thanks for letting me share about Camp Cheerio. 

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  1. Camp Cheerio looks like a good place for the FASD groups camp! Maybe 2013?