Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cake and a snake

Odd title but have a little something on both these topics here at Chaos Manor.  Well, the other night, the girls brought home almost an entire cake that our neighbor gave us.  Chocolate w/ vanilla icing.  An Easter Cake that tasted as good as it looked. 

Can you even guess what color icing it is?  

Yes, bright, blue icing.  I think Nik gave his approval just fine, don't you?  I thought it was sweet of the family to think that we might enjoy this cake.  And yes, we sure did!  

Disgusting, I know.  I almost stepped on the thing!  I was going crazy screaming, Alaska thinks something is wrong w/ me and is going spastic, the "littles" are asking to see the snake, wind is about 40 mph at this point, it's starting to drizzle & the storms were coming in fast.  Ran inside to get Warren who happened to be home sick and obviously being nauseous, really didn't want to kill a snake.  However, he knew I'd wimp out so no choice.  It was indeed a copperhead.  Those are poisonous for those who don't know.  Later that day, we killed another snake... a king snake.  Not poisonous but two snakes in this yard is plenty.  On a walk later, we saw another dead snake in the road.  Yes, it's the downside of living near the woods.  All is calm and well now though.  

Next set of pictures won't be so disgusting.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend.  More stuff to come. 

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