Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blast from the past!

Well, it's May now and since I'm still without a camera (URGHH!!!), thought it was time to look back at some old pictures here and there.  Hope you enjoy taking a look back as much as I do.  My kids have really grown.  From a song in high school "seconds pass & days go by.  Months and years they seem to fly.  When will time ever slow down?  You can't go back to yesterday so hurry now, live for today.  The wheels of life keep turning round and round."  It was a great song & one that would make you think.  Truly folks, make the most of everyday.  You never know what's going to happen tomorrow.  So, enjoy.

Ahh, when the boys were younger.  This is Alex, 5yo, and Bojan, 6yo.  Bojan had not been home in the country long.  Bojan did SO much good for Alex's healing of RAD.  We were told it may be a mistake to bring another home so soon after Alex came home & had severe attachment issues.  Just the opposite happened.  Adopting Bojan actually helped to heal Alex.  They formed a great friendship as you can see.

Ahh, this is before the sisters hit the teen years.  Again, from 2005.  Irina doing Yana's hair.  They got along before the teen hormones hit.  LOL.

Another from 2005.  Daddy dancing w/ Yana.  Don't you love our green carpet??  And there is faithful Bear. Still miss that dog.  

Warren and Nik having some fun on the trampoline.  This was in May of 2008.

This is the bunch at Warren's work family day.  This was in 2008 as well.  You can click on any picture to make it bigger.

some of the bunch from last year at the company family day.  Such a good time every year we go.  Can't go this year as it happens to fall in the same weekend as Camp Cheerio. 

This is mower man from last year.  Max loves to do yard work.  I mean really, really loves to do yard work.  Since it is too much on mom & dad to drive 3 teens to jobs and such, we have decided to hire Max as our resident handyman and lawn care man.  We will pay him to do various jobs.  He loves the idea.  Plus, he's continuing to get mowing jobs from around the neighborhood a bit as well.  Between us and the other odd jobs around, he should be fine.  Now, just have to work on getting Irina set up with a job.  Someone gave me another resource the other day locally so I'm going to go check them out for sure.  

Those are some pictures from 2010, 2008, and even 2005.  My kids have really thrived from what I can tell.  Can't wait for the others to get home and have some great adventures together.  Going to be a wild year for sure.  Got to go.  Repairman came.  $195 for the fridge to be working again.  Had not choice.  Cheaper than a new fridge yet hard since I need to buy airline tickets.  Still waiting for that ONE piece of paper so I can make that call.  URGHH!!!  I know, I know.  Patience.  I'm trying.  Really, I am.  Mean time, making sure anything else I need to do is done then.  We are to fly out June 11th and return the 21st of June.  Warren will be staying home w/ the kids.  I have yet to tell him there will be more than just our kids here during that time as I watch some others when they're out of school.  I do hope some locals will stop by every once in awhile to check in on him.  Just kidding.  He'll do just fine and according to the kids cooks better than me anyhow.  Nice kids, real nice.  More details on what all needs to be done as soon as I can get it done.  I'm a procrastinator for sure.  I pack for my adoption trips pretty much the night before.  Horrible.  Maybe this time will be different.  Hope so.  Going to go work on a grant for a bit before the first batch of kids start coming home.  Going to try to work on several and see if we have any luck.  Glad tomorrow is Friday for sure.  Looking forward to a nice weekend.  Sunny and fun.  Next week, prep for Camp Cheerio.  Again, we're procrastinators and are just so excited, we just throw anything in a bag and go.  Lucky we're flexible. 

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