Monday, May 23, 2011

Bag It for the orphans!!!

Odd title but I'll get to it in a minute.  First, I want to show you something from a previous trip in '06.  End of November time frame.  Actually, this was October.  Let you soak in the pictures a minute, then we'll talk.

 Ahh, Nik & Mom.  this was outside their orphanage.  Look at the rocky, bumpy streets.  Rusty metal.  Not the best place for kids to run around.

 This was the front of their orphanage in Russia.  Run down, falling apart.  I know that part is hard to see, but trust me, it's falling apart.  Limited on funds.  Limited on resources.  Limited on time.

This was their playground.  not the kind you see in America, is it?  Yet, they smile and do the best they can with what they have.  Well, I think we can help them do just a bit better.  Let me explain.

Orphanages do not have money.  That is just a FACT.  Unless they have humanitarian aid coming in, no money.  And, the older kids' orphanages tend to suffer more.  And when I say older kids, typically it's 7yo & above.  Kids.  They are just kids, like our kids.  They have no choice as this is the situation they were given.  However, we DO have a choice to help.  One thing we notice when we go to orphanages is their shoes.  Too worn, too lose, too dirty, too ripped, and beyond too small.  When we got Yana and Alex, their shoe sizes were 3 sizes too small!  Can you imagine. Think for a moment folks.  I'll use me as an example. I wear a size 8 women's shoe.  Can you imagine fitting into a size 5?!  no way.  Many develop issues w/ walking b/c of the foot problems from the shoes.  Shoes, socks, underwear & basic necessities are what these orphanages are lacking.

We are going to two separate orphanages.  One is an orphanage for older kids. One is for the younger kids, where our Summer is.  Can you imagine the expression on their faces if we were to go and buy each child their OWN pair of shoes that fit?!  The joy of it all.  And socks too.  This may sound impossible but I don't think it is.  I have no idea how many kids are at each orphanage yet.  Guessing a couple hundred.  I would like to give $1000 to each orphanage to purchase the basic supplies such as shoes, socks and underwear.  Or, if they deem there is a great need, we will do that.  We wanted to collect socks & underwear and take them over w/ us.  However, weight limits on luggage and immigration inspections would delay us nowadays.  Don't want anything confiscated and not get to where it's needed.  So, going with cash and purchasing there.  That way, we know all the money is going where it should and the kids are getting what they so desperately need. 

$2000 to raise in a week may sound like a huge amount.  Let's break that down  a bit more.  You can get 1000 people giving just $2 a piece.  Or, 500 people giving just $4 a piece.  Just 4 dollars!  You won't miss that folks.  Seriously, you won't.  Please consider bagging your lunch one day this week instead of eating out.  I know fast food places now cost $6 or $7 for lunch anyhow.  Donate that to kids that would LOVE something that they can walk in that is not broken, or too small.  Something that doesn't remind them of the orphanage hurt they feel each & every day that they don't know the love of a family.  You won't believe how far $4 can go over there.  With the help of just 500 people, at a one time donation of $4, children in 2 separate orphanages will be able to get some much needed basic necessities.  So one time this year, please consider bringing a bagged lunch from home instead of eating out.  Instead, take that money and let's help some orphans get the basic necessities of life.  I promise to take pictures of the smiles.  We did this years ago except on a smaller scale for Alex's orphanage.  They were very appreciative.  A little can go a long way.  Please consider helping the Bulgarian orphanages.  Whatever comes into our Paypal account this week will indeed go directly to the 2 different orphanages. I wish we had it but this CPS investigation has cost us a ton.  And, we didn't do anything wrong.  HOwever, paperwork has been redone & found out today we may have to do a homestudy addendum.  More money.  We are stretching like Elasta Girl on the Incredibles but have run out of stretch.  Now, need the help of you villagers to help the orphanages in Bulgaria.  We also can take checks if you'd like. Our address is at the side.  Or we have a bank account w/ an adoption fund set up.  Whatever you can do to help the kids over there would be wonderful.  I know we can change lives and all you have to do is bag your lunch one day this year!  That's it.  One day.  Thanks so much for all your help.  I have recently found out some information and let's just say this orphanage needs our help.  We can do great things together and change the lives of many.  In turn, this gives the children hope.  When the older kids have hope, they don't give up as easily on their life.  They will steer away from the begging, the stealing, the lying, etc.  So if you don't think your little donation matters, think again.  It can mean the world to these kids.   If you can not donate this time, please help spread the word.  Many of you I know have a couple hundred friends on facebook.  I know we can reach hundreds that may be willing to give $2 or $4 for the kids.  Thanks!

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