Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adoption update

Since it is T- minus less than a month days (I'm not keeping track b/c I'm too scared), I figured it was time for a bit of an adoption update.  I know some newbies to adoption follow & thought you might want to know what happens as far as fees go.  Today, I got a cashier's check for $6743 to send off to my agency.  Part of that is the 3rd installment of a program fee.  Part is an international fee and part is the post placement fee.  Now, some agencies do a post placement fee and some don't.  What it is is to assure that people do their post placement reports.  The money is refunded for every report you hand in.  It actually was kind of nice this way w/ Alyona and Nik b/c we got money back which paid for the post placement reports from the social worker.

During this time of the adoption process, before trip I, you must also purchase the airline tickets.  Mine are currently on hold till I confirm my travel buddy.  Mine are going to cost me $3000.  OUCH!  is an understatement.  This adoption has already cost more due to the whole investigation delay.  Think I can recoup that from the state?  NOT.  Anyhow, it is what it is.  We then have to come up w/ lodging costs and meal costs.  And in country travel costs.  Remember, we must go to two separate regions.  They are of course not anywhere near each other.  No, that would be too easy for us.  We've never done two regions before at once so new territory for us.  From my understanding, first region will be where the sibs are, same orphanage.  'R' is 9yo and Logan is 10yo.  I know that's not enough info to go on but hey, this is adoption and secrecy is priority.  Hate that part of it but we all don't want to get in trouble w/ any foreign entities happening to find out we disclosed info that wasn't supposed to be.  Hence, everyone tends to give vague info in order to protect what info they do have.  Hope that made sense to the newbies out there. 

During this time we also have to make sure everything on the home front is ready for us to depart.  Though Warren is staying home, there is still a ton to make sure is done. I gave the list a few posts back.  I usually don't stress that much as it tends to fall into place eventually.  Just we have a reunion, Alex's birthday, Alyona's birthday and the 4th of July all after we get home.  Yikes!  So, not only planning for when I'm gone but for a month after I return as well b/c we will be going and going and going.  We are slowly getting there.  Slowly getting stuff done.  that's a relief.  Still, so much to do still you feel as though you'll never get it all done.  Time.  It takes time.  My main issue is I still have not received the letter from CPS explaining the unsubstantiated case.  I need that hard copy.  They gave me the verbal word but I absolutely must have the hard copy.  This makes me nervous as the state tends to be slow on things.  Just look at all the state tax returns for that fact.  Out of everything, relying on the state makes me very nervous for that letter to be in my hands.  I'm giving it till tomorrow. 

Now, when you fly on that first plane to get to Bulgaria, that's when it really becomes real.  No turning back then.  You are on your way.  I'm less than a month away from that point and still don't believe it.  It's already the 17th.  I'm not ready yet.  So much to do.  But, my kids are waiting for me.  They've been waiting for so long.  No need to keep them waiting any longer.  It's their time to shine.  I can not wait to get that chance to see them shine.  I could careless what all I have to do beforehand to meet them.  It's all worth it.  It has been every single time thus far.  Well, got to go.  the "littles" are here.  Have a great day.  More to come.  Pictures from Camp Cheerio in the next post.

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