Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adoption paperwork

Yep, I'm living the nightmare.  Docs expiring and must get things in order BEFORE we leave.  And, our complicated CPS investigation adds a whole other level of chaos to things.  So, here is what we have to do in regards to paperwork like in the next week.  Not kidding.

1.  New child abuse checks-- need 3 of them since Irina is now 18yo

2.  Homestudy amendment-- since we were found innocent

3.  New medicals-- for Warren & I

4.  New FBI checks-- for Warren, me & Irina

5.  POA-- for court

6.  Complex declaration--

7.  Application to the MOJ-- who we intend to adopt

8.  I-800-- to be filled out ready immediately when we come back (hear these are taking a long time to process...URGHH!!!)

9.  I-864W-- to be filled out ready immediately when we come back (need to fill out 3 of them of course)

10.  Emergency contact info-- given to agency in case something happens while we're in country

11.  Travel plan agreement-- given to agency releasing them from anything stupid that you might do on your own. LOL. Or for things beyond their control such as weather or flight delays or stuff like that.

This is all the paperwork I'm currently working on.  I've sent off the child abuse check forms & agency is handling from here.

Agency is handling the homestudy amendment. 

Doc office was gracious enough to ignore the next available appt. of July 7th and got us in tomorrow!  Did you hear that?!  Tomorrow at 11am.  So, new medicals can be hand carried over there. 

Fingerprints are being done tomorrow & sent off to the FBI.  Praying it goes fast & here when we return from Bulgaria. 

The POA, declaration, and application to the MOJ will be hand carried over there as well.

emergency contact & travel plan agreement have already been sent to agency. 

The I-800 and the I-864W will be filled out & waiting for our return.  I think I got it covered.  Working like mad but thinking we've done it.  3 kids equals a bit more paperwork.  Two sibs and one unrelated.  2 different regions.  More paperwork.  Got to love it.  Step by step.  Only way to go with this stuff. 

Been working on this stuff all day today.  My back is in severe pain.  Not sure what I did to it.  Chiro appointment on Friday.  Been looking for campgrounds in PA for our family reunion.  Can't find any.  Can't afford a hotel (have to have 2 rooms).  Looking into any and all options.  I would hate to have to cancel but if we can't find a place, we'll be stuck having to cancel.  See, w/ the CPS mess, the school stuff, the IEP's, the doc appointments, the adoption trip stuff, the paperwork, etc., I have not been great at reserving a campground.  There is apparently some kind of Nascar race that weekend so booked.  We'll work it out somehow. 

Still looking for a sitter for our kids.  If you know of anyone locals, please let me know.  Many are spreading the word and I appreciate that very much.  We have very much to do but little by little we'll get it done.  The kids are so very worth it.  They are worth every penny spent redoing documents, every headache acquired by this process, every misstep, every date change, every frustrating moment, and anything else you can name.  They are worth it!  Soon, we will see the kids.  they are more than a picture.  They are real.  They are children waiting to experience life.  We intend to give them the best life we possibly can.  Now, I must go work on doing my stuff on this side of the ocean so that I can reach that side of the ocean as soon as humanly possible.  There is new news we recently received.  Just know those kids need us more now than ever.  I will disclose things a bit later.  I know, I know, that seems to be a theme on this blog.  Not intentional but has to be that way for now.  Just as the CPS case.  Could not disclose till it was done.  There is new info I'd like to share but will not for a little while yet.  Say a prayer for our kids please.  They really can use that right now.  The poem kisses in the wind is very appropriate.  Got to go.  More later.  Max is going to go mow at the church tonight.  Having the other kids help me clean up a bit & then off to Wally World for some supplies.  Enjoy your day.

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