Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Water fun

It's that time of year again.  Time for water fun.  Time to get soak and wet and not even care what you're wearing.  It's always hot and humid in NC.  Most people where we are do one of three things... 1) buy a pool 2) join a pool to swim in or 3) head to the beach.  It's too expensive for our family to join a pool and too much back & forth to head to the beach all the time.  So, years ago we used tax money to make an investment in an above ground pool.  It was by far one of the best investments we ever made.  We open our pool in May & use it all the way through October.  For now though, no pool so slip & slide & tarps have to do.

Before you go, you must munch on gummy worms.  I'm guessing they make you slide faster on there.  

Kids getting ready to make the slip & slide work.  Told them the tarps won't work b/c they're not the right kind.  No one listened to me.  And no, they didn't work as planned. Some lessons though need to be learned on their own.  Irina really ticked me off w/ those hands.  I HATE it when they do that as it looks so ignorant.  Don't know why but it bothers the heck out of me.  Really does.  She thinks she's being cool & every time I tell her it just makes you look stupid & ruins a picture.  As you can see, they STILL have yet to learn that.  

Alex, slip & slide battle scars and all.  Nik following behind in one of the pool inner tubes.  Definitely looks like fun.

I think Bojan is enjoying this part a little too much.

Max on one of the inner tubes.  Why he is getting ready to go down backwards, I do not know.  
Kids had a good time for sure.  Short lived b/c they couldn't get the tarps to work out the way they wanted to.   Maybe next time.  However, our pool will be opened soon so they won't need this much longer.  Time to break from the pictures.  Couple posts forthcoming.  today though is now back to a normal work week.  Plus, this evening I need to go speak w/ the band director regarding Bojan.  He seems to be able to manipulate Warren's old trumpet okay so he wants to go w/ that.  Asking the band director his thoughts this evening.  Busy, busy night.  I know b/c doubt the kids will want to get back into routine of homework.  I know I don't.  Enjoy your week. 

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  1. Steph, I was laughing my butt off about the fingers in the picture thing! My 15 yr old does this in almost EVERY photo. I want him to know how rediculous it is but he thinks it's so cool! Too funny! I truly LOL'd at this! The raddish coaster...so much fun! Love you girl! Ginger