Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I received an email tonight and it is of the utmost importance.  There is a little boy in Eastern Europe that needs a family and FAST!  He is going to be moved to one of the mental institutions and this is not such a good one (as if there is such a thing).  This is near & dear to my heart as Nik was headed to such a place is what I was told when I was over at his orphanage.  Just look at him now.  Amazing transformation.  The same can be said of this little boy.  He is in a country that I can't disclose but can tell you I have had LOTS of experience with in regards to my own kids.  I'm sure by that cryptic clue you can figure it out.  LOL.  This country would require two trips.  There is a $5000 grant available for him.  He has limb differences in his legs.  He will need medical attention once home but apparently, development is good.  He is the CUTEST little boy.  A smile that will totally melt your heart.  I am not allowed to post the pictures on here due to country regulations.  Please, please pass onto others.  I'm copying the blurb about 'Jack.'

URGENT NEED!  Jack gets transferred to an institution in August!  He needs a family right away! $5,000 Grant available!  This is an international adoption.  Jack was born in November of 2004.  He was born at 34 weeks weighing 4.4 pounds.  His mother did not receive prenatal care. Jack is a cheery young boy with a sweet smile.  He has many disabilities including arthogryposis of the lower extremities, hernias, hip joint dysplasia, scholiosis and hemangiomas to name a few.  This little guys legs are stuck in a criss-cross position but that doesn’t stop him from getting around using his upper body which is very strong.  Jack is very small and will continue to stay small for his age.  At 5 years 2 months he was only 26 ½ inches tall and weighed  22.2 pounds.  We are not sure that they are measuring his legs in his height because he can’t straighten them.  We have excellent developmental information on him as well as detailed measurement history.  Jack has very good upper body dexterity. Jack will never have the chance to get an education or the medical care he needs where they plan to move him.  He will never get released from the institution so, this will be his life sentence! This special boy needs a family with a huge heart and a wheelchair accessible home so he can learn how to be independent.  A family adopting Jack must have access to good medical care or a Shriner’s Hospital because Jack will definitely need some medical intervention when he comes home.  If you think you could be Jack’s forever family, please contact Kids To Adopt at 360-695-1704 or email us at  

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about Jack.  He only has till August.  We need a family for him and fast.  If you'd like any more info, please contact the above #'s or write me at  I can only imagine how far this kiddo can go once home to a family.  Please, please help him find a family.  Once in the mental institution, he will remain there for life.  No chance of a future.  It is urgent he find a home.  


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