Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two of my goofballs

I've always said my kids could have fun anywhere.  Truly, they can.  They could have fun in the middle of a dessert, I swear.  So, no surprise they can have fun at a doctor's office too.  Well, not really a doctor but a prosthetist office.  Same kind of thing to me.  Here's a few of my goofballs.

Bojan explaining to Nik something is wrong w/ his knee.  Really, I just think Nik was waiting for Bojan to do something stupid.  didn't take long for them to start goofing off.

And let the goofing off begin.  Imitation.  Nik really has grown.  

Nik, trying to be cool.  On his head...Bojan's sleeve to his leg.  Yuck!  They were goofing off before this picture, dancing around.  Told you, my kids can have fun anywhere.  More pics to come. 

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