Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Not sure how long it's been since I've done one of these.  But, finally figured it was time.   And, it is actually Thursday.  So, here goes nothing.  For those new, kids with behavioral issues and mental health issues spend  some time getting redirected or talked to or even yelled at some times.  Just the way it is, especially if they're doing something unsafe.  So, it is nice to sit back and try to think of something nice they've done throughout the week or something you've caught them doing.  It will make a difference in them.  Trust me.  Plus, they really light up when they hear it.  Usually, we call this proud moments at the dinner table & do it on Monday nights.  But, here, I call it Thoughtful Thursday.  I've been busy w/ 13 kids this week so I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention but will try my best.  so, here goes.

Irina--  She went to a friend's house w/ Yana.  They all made a dessert.  They came back down the street and called me into the bedroom.  Irina said we have to give some to mom.  Just thoughtful of her to think of me when she was somewhere else and then come home and deliver it! 

Max-- he saw Bojan struggling w/ his leg & offered to hold his bucket for him.  Very thoughtful of Max.

Yana-- She was comforting Alyona here.  Alyona had gone on a spinning ride at the park and got scared. Thought it was rather of thoughtful for Yana to tend to Alyona.  Remember, those two are typically at odds.  

Bojan-- This was so incredibly thoughtful.  I couldn't really believe it.  He came home and had a candy bar for me and for Warren.  He bought them with his own money from a friend selling them for the fundraiser.  Bought me milk chocolate and Warren dark chocolate w/ almonds.  Our favorites.  Just sweet of him for sure.  

Alyona-- Something so simple but Alyona came up to me when she knew I was just exhausted and not in the best mood.(boys had been fighting)  Alyona came up to me, gave me a giant hug and said " I love you so much mommy."  I really needed that thoughtful moment from her. 

Alex--I was really surprised w/ this thoughtful moment.  I really was.  Someone was in the house and didn't get any of the snack bags of chips I had taken to the park.  Alex piped up and said that's okay, he can have mine.  I must admit I looked twice to make sure it was indeed Alex that said that.  Very thoughtful, especially for him.  Remember, Alex used to hoard food so this act was really wonderful for him.  I was proud, I must say. 

Nik-- Not sure if this counts as thoughtful b/c it has jealousy in it.  Nik was jealous that I was holding one of the "littles."  He came up beside me, holding onto me and telling me that he was MY baby.  Very sweet despite the jealousy factor at the time.  Oh, and he has been much better w/ sharing this week regarding toys w/ one of the "littles."  

Some thoughtful times indeed I caught.  I will be on the lookout more this week for some moments.  It is really fun to do and even when things look bleak as most FAS parents will tell you they experience at some times during the month, it helps lift the spirits.  Hope you all enjoyed the thoughtful moments my kids had this week. 

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