Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

It's that time of week again.  Thank goodness we're already to Thursday.  Not sure I could take a long week.  Few issues we're working on at home.  Going to try to post some of that a bit later on in the week.  For now, want to concentrate on some of the good around here lately.  When you have children w/ severe behavioral, emotional and mental health issues, it is always a good idea to see the good through the bad.  Trust me, sometimes that is easier said than done.  This has been one of those rough weeks for us.  Yet, I was still looking for those thoughtful moments from my children.  Caught a few.

Irina-- She did two really thoughtful things this week.  I'll show you.

I thought this was sweet of Irina.  She wakes up before anyone else.  She wrote this for Warren & I to see.  

Irina knew Warren was having a time w/ Alyona.  Again, another post for that FAS moment w/ homework.  So, Irina went & made Warren coffee.  Topped it off w/ whip cream. However, Irina wanted it to be a moccha coffee so she added Hershey's syrup to it.  YOu should have seen the after face after he took this sip & realized how she made it.  Still, very thoughtful of Irina.

Max-- We received new bunkbeds for the new girls and Max was so excited, he went and put it together for us.  Now, he must disassemble as it has to be moved so we can paint this weekend.  Quite thoughtful of Max though.


I know it's hard to read but I'll write it out.  The yellow says "To the ones I love."  Blue part says " My heart seems sad when I leave the house to school but it's good cause I know I'll be back soon.  Very soon.  Love, to you all."  Very sweet & thoughtful note she left.  Think we should worry about them being attached at all?  LOL.  I think they're just fine thank you very much.  

Bojan-- On more than one ocassion this week, Bojan has asked if I needed help.  Very thoughtful of him.  He knew I was sick and has really been trying to help me out a bunch.  I can do that mom.  I don't mind.  Was nice to see him thinking of me & I thought that was quite a thoughtful gesture. 

Alyona-- Alyona knew I have been sick the last few days.  Today she told me I can rest (LOL-- 11 kids,no) and she would take care of the "littles" and play with them.  Just a thoughtful moment for her.

Alex-- The other day Alex saw Alyona struggling w/ her shoe laces and went over to help her tie her shoes.  Very thoughtful for Alex, especially after such a RAD week.  I was impressed.

Nik-- He saw someone had written something & put my name on it.  He went & put his name right under my name w/ a heart around it.  Very thoughtful and loving for sure.  

There were more items but this is what stood out to me.  You really can find the good in people.  Sometimes you just have to look a little longer.  Anyone who's met my kids can tell you they are really good kids.  Thoughtful and sweet.  Mindful of manners.  Yes, they do have issues.  We work on that though and move on.  There is much more to come.  Just got home from an IEP meeting for Nik.  Getting ready to take the "littles" to have lunch in a tent in the front yard.  Beautiful day outside for sure.  Hope you all enjoy it.  Some big things happening soon and a post later tonight on it all.  

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