Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank you, thank you.

Okay, first I want to say thanks so much for everyone who wrote me about traveling w/ me.  I have 5 people seriously interested in going.  Going to talk to people and then figure out what would work best for travel. 

Second, thanks to everyone for all the ideas about the job outlook for teens.  Just due to cost of gas, we must stay close to home.  There were lots of ideas that I had not thought of so thanks so much.  Both my kids would love to work at a vet office.  A few months ago, we contacted two of them locally about volunteering and they said they don't do that.  I'll keep checking though.  The girls are looking for paid work, not just volunteering but do see the benefit of volunteering for them.  Keep the ideas and suggestions coming.  Gives us ideas that maybe we haven't thought of.  Irina is supposedly in a job training program that helps them find a job.  Umm, no.  They keep telling the kids to go find a job.  The whole point of the program is to help them train for a job.  Hence the title... occupational course of study.  URGHH!!!  I contacted the JCI people three times but no one ever returns my call.  I will try again.  They are the organization that is there to help developmental delayed adults find jobs and such.  There is another place locally that works w/ special needs and next week I intend to ask them a few questions as well.  Maybe they have some contacts.  Meantime, we'll be filling out applications for sure.  Just wanted to say thank you. Let you know if any of them lands a job.  Locally, I know of quite a few teens that have been looking for months upon months with no luck.  Even going back twice to double check. Nothing.  Yet, know of others who have jobs.  The economy is tough for jobs for sure.   Keep you posted.


  1. Great photos! So glad the kids are getting to do some fun things. Praying you can travel SOON.

  2. Stephanie, I REALLY want to go with you! I mean really, really! I am an amputee and use a wheelchair, so that would make it more difficult, but NOT impossible! I get around really well. I'm flexible, fun and fast! Obviously, I would probably be your last choice, but it would be the most exciting adventure in my life!! Could you email me and let me know how it would work out? I need to know about a passport, as well. I know that everything is in His Hands, so whatever happens is what He has planned for all of us! Hugs ~ Jo