Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Swimming upstream

Okay, I feel like I'm swimming upstream here lately.  I am so far behind on things, I feel like I get behind any more, I'll be going backwards.  It is nuts!  This will have to be brief.  Very brief.  First off, if you are one of the many who have written me in the last week & wondered why I haven't responded, I can assure you I am not being rude.  I am just seriously behind on emails, the house stuff, the car maintenance(inspection due), laundry, school stuff, appointment making, airline booking(more on that one later!), blog posts, gardening, & the list could go on forever.  I'm sure you all have felt like this at one point or another.  I only have 2 of the "littles" tomorrow so hoping I might be able to get a few more things done.  Doubt it but I can dream. 

Despite the chaos here at Chaos Manor, we're getting stuff done.  I will share all just trying to catch up as you can imagine.  BTW, Digby is doing much better w/ Kota.  No more growling.  Digby is awesome!  Stays in the yard, listens, etc.  Great w/the kids.  Hoping Kota & Alaska learn manners from him.  Again, more wishful thinking.  More updates to come, kids that desperately need homes, and adoption stuff.  Pictures too from the last few weeks.  Told you, I'm behind.  Hey, it's life.  Fridge seems to be back to normal now.  However, car repairs thus far are $566.  Next bill we are expecting for my van would not surprise me to be well over $600.  I know it could be worse but when you're about to book airline tickets, you simply want to cringe.  Enough chatting.  Going to catch up.  More to come.  One day I'll catch up. 

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