Friday, April 22, 2011

Strawberry fields (part II)

Time for more berry pickin' pictures!  Kids did have a great time that day and we were able to take 2 of their friends to share the experience.  And of course, eat some berries.  Here goes some more.

Nik very pleased with the selection of strawberries.  He enjoys eating them as much as picking them. 

 Bojan trying to find some berries.  They all want the giant berries.  I just told them all, we just need red ones.  Bojan is on a hair cutting strike of sorts.  Though we've all said, please get a hair cut.  He thinks he looks cool.  Umm, no son, just shaggy.  All the girls in the house are trying to convince him to cut it.  I think this may have to be an ambush.  He has hair that stands up in the middle like a horn.  He says it's unique.  Not the word the girls & I use!

Some of the bunch heading out.  Notice Bojan's leg.  It's not right.  He broke the hydraulics after just a week.  The knee does not work at all with him.  Working on the problem.  

Now, what is wrong w/ this picture?  Oh, yeh it's not MY kids helping.  URGHH!!!  This is one of Alyona's friends from her class helping to load up the van w/ the berries.  Alyona looking on.  

And the strawberries made it all the way home.  9 buckets full.  We ate an entire bucket the first day.  Wish we could do this again.  I still have some berries left to cut.  Nice haul though.

We have eaten many delicious strawberries over the last week.  I'm going to freeze some today.  We had strawberry shortcake yesterday.  Warren is not as thrilled w/ all the berries as he hates strawberries.  The kids & I are okay w/ that though... more for us!  LOL.  We did have a good time picking berries and it had to have been the best day to do it.  Just was gorgeous outside.  

More to come. I have 10 kids here today.  Good practice.  We still have not decided what to do this weekend other than Easter Service on Sunday.  We still need to head to the zoo.  Teen update forthcoming.  Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe. 

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