Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strawberry fields (part I)

Haven't heard that song for ages but thought it was a good title for this post.  This past Sunday we loaded up the kids and headed out to go strawberry picking.  We had our kids and then 2 extras for the day.  Thought I'd share our adventure with you all.  And of course, some pictures too.

And this is how we always know we're there.  Cute little strawberry by the front.  We go to a place called Porter's Farms and nursery.  Not too far from our home and good berries of course.

3 of the boys walking to find a good spot.  Do you think they have enough strawberries in these fields???  They seem to go on forever.  It is still really early in the season so we didn't get the giant, giant ones but trust me, we got some really tasty strawberries.

Warren and Nik searching for berries to fill up their buckets.

Alyona, trying to smile but the sun was in her eyes.  It was such a gorgeous day to pick strawberries.  Not too hot and not too cold.  

Alex & Nik posing for the camera.  At this point in time, I've come to realize I honestly could careless what the boys wear any more.  It isn't for lack of trying.  Just not worth the fight.  Hence, why Alex is wearing the Halloween shirt and Nik is wearing someone else's shirt.  And I'm pretty certain one of them probably wore it the day before as well.  Boys.  

Yana, showing me the creature she found.  A little lady bug.  My kids can find insects and critters anywhere we go.  

I love how Yana seems to be doing all the work here while Alex just stands and waits for her to hand him berries.  LOL.  

Alex posing again for the camera.  He really is growing.  

My oldest showing off one of her big berries she picked.  Just look at that clear blue Carolina sky.  

More to come.  This is part I.  Too many pictures for one post.  Plus, need to get more done around here today.  All kids are inside as it is really wet & gloomy outside.  It's 3:17 and I can honestly say they've reached their limit of indoor captivity.  LOL.  All of them are so used to playing outside for hours at a time.  Hope it is sunny tomorrow.  Got to go.  Hide & seek has started inside and that will not end well I guarantee it. 

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