Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring is in the air

And the flowers are starting to bloom.  I love it like this.  Trouble is, doesn't stay this cool for long.  NC has hot & humid weather usually starting in May.  Today, it's about 90 outside.  Humid but nothing like the summer humidity.  Yikes.  Anyway, thought I'd share a bit of the beauty starting in our yard.  Or, at least I think it's pretty. 

We have a few different varieties of azaleas in the yard.  Azaleas are shade loving shrubs so they do well under our trees.  Love the hot pink ones.

Just another variety of azaleas in our yard.  Usually we will have put mulch down by now but really have to save money for the adoption.  So, the new red mulch that would usually be here makes the azaleas pop a little more.  No biggie.  Just wait till next year.   Doesn't take away from the beauty of it.

The trees start to fill in and provide shade.  It's very nice.  Love looking up while in the hammock.  Oh wait.  Stupid squirrels ate our hammock!  URGHH!!  We all are begging for a new one.  Haven't found any on sale yet.  

This really is my favorite plant during spring & summer.  The blooms never seem to end.  I get 2 hanging baskets for the front porch every year since our front porch is all shade.  The bright pink & purples really pop.  

Window boxes here are filled w/ impatients.  They're just .99 for a 6 pack and they fill out.  So, just $2 for window boxes.  I think they turned out okay.  And, this is just the beginning.  Later, they'll be taller and fuller.  Can't wait.

We have many varieties of hostas in our yard.  Shade loving plants.  Nice and bright to any shady spot in my opinion.This was from last year.  Grew nicely.

Just another color.  I love having different shades of green in the hosta garden.  These are pretty small plants compared to my ones that are a few years old.  

This is an iris getting ready to bloom.  I have yet to weed & work this part of the yard.  It's a bunch of iris' there.  

That's a little of spring coming up here.  I have more but that's enough for now.  Trying to clean up a bit around here.  We had a great time at the FAS support group meeting last night.  I will talk about that later this week too.  It's so sad that so many with special needs have such trouble with the  NC Public School System.  yet, a relief to know we are not the only ones.  Kids had a good time playing outside.  After that, we were too tired to come home & cook.  Impromptu dinner out.  Was great!  Remember, our kids are on spring break so we really had no set time to be back.  All in all, a good day yesterday.  Okay, still a lot left to do.  Park I pictures coming up and our experience w/ the most generous group of people from Turner Memorial Baptist Church.  Can't wait to share.  Enjoy your day.  I have no "littles" today so able to get much more done. 

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