Saturday, April 30, 2011

Special Olympics 2011 (part I)

Warren & I went to see Alyona in the Special Olympics on Friday.  It was the most beautiful day outside.  Could not have asked for better weather.  Clear skies, sunny, light breeze & about 73 outside.  Fantastic weather & even a better atmosphere if you can believe it.  All the athletes were so excited including Alyona.  She practically flew out of bed that morning.  See, Alyona really wanted to try to win a medal this year.  Last year, she won 2 ribbons.  She really wanted a medal.  So, we set out that morning to try to make that dream happen for her. 

Sunscreen was a must with how bright it was outside.  Alyona is getting lathered up here before her events.

That's Alyona second on the left.  She is running!  

This was her lining up for the medals.  She's #2!  Look how small she is compared to others in her age category.  She did great.

Alyona after she received her silver medal for the 50m run.  Look at the smile.  She was so proud of herself.  BTW, the school's PTA donated the shirts for the kids to use.  Thought that was nice.  They do have to go back but nice the kids will be able to use them next year as well.
This is Alyona and her best friend from class.  I believe Alyona is actually older than her.  They've been buds for awhile now.  Trouble is, the girl recently moved to another school.  Both are bummed about it but still try to get together and play every once in awhile.  This little girl really wanted to participate in Special Olympics but the new school didn't sign her up and apparently changed her IEP.  Her mother tried to get her to be able to participate that morning but it was a no go.  Long story and the new school truly was in the wrong.  This child has been participating for years w/ Alyona.  Still glad they got to see each other & hang out a bit.  Made them both very happy.  

I'm not sure which one was more proud.  Alyona or Warren.  Think it's a toss.

Alyona getting ready to throw the softball.  Told her to pretend she was aiming for Alex.  She really threw that thing.  

This is a close up of the medal they receive.  Says skill, courage, sharing and joy.  I think that totally sums up Alyona.  That child has so much joy & has brought so much joy to so many people.  She lights up a room w/ her girlie ways.  She shares beautifully, especially, w/ the "littles."  She demonstrates so much courage and never, ever let's her disabilities hold her back.  Earlier this year when she couldn't see, she simply used larger print.  Luckily, we didn't have to go to braille and her eyes had only gotten worse.  Long story but w/ her disorder the vision was not supposed to change.  Anyhow, her skill is clearly there.  She can run w/ the rest of them just fine.  And who knew she could throw despite both her arms having issues.  Yep, this medal sums her up in a nutshell.  Part II coming soon. 

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