Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday happenings

Well, zoo was a no go.  We all stayed up super late on Friday and well, just couldn't do it today.  So, revised plans.  Went to Sam's for groceries.  Took Nik w/ us.  Mistake b/c you waste more times eating those stupid samples.  Made it through and came home to unload.  Ate lunch and we all headed back out to go shopping w/ one "extra" today.  Went to the outlets.  We have a bunch of outlets about 15 minutes to 20 minutes from the house.  Great deals if you know where to look and if the tourist buses aren't there.  We went to one outlet that sells athletic clothing.  Soffe.  Great deals.  $1 bins and let the kids go crazy.  They also have other items for reasonable prices.  1.98 to 4.98 usually.  Not bad when clothing many.  Plus, these are kind of fill in clothes for them.  Play wear, running wear, exercise wear, etc.  Did pretty well.  Everyone got a little something.  Now I can stop hearing I have no shorts all the time.  If we could find shoes as cheap, we'd be in luck.  Dumb puppies keep chewing all the shoes!  They take them out of the shoe basket and chew them up in another room.  Sneaky little pups.

AFter that outlet, we went to the JR ones.  Do not like those.  There's a lot of hype about them & finally decided to check it out.  Won't be going again.  However, did find Alyona two baby dolls for her birthday next month in June.  I know she'll be 12yo but she loves baby dolls and is more around 4yo.  I love it.  I love the fact that she can still be my little girl and not be into the preteen hype type of stuff.  Can't wait to see what she thinks of it all.

Next, we went to Big Lots to get bread.  We get Nature's Own for $1.20 a loaf versus $2.79 a loaf at the grocery store.  SAME thing.  So, go once a month & stock up.  Got Alyona some headphones while there as hers broke.  Few odds and ends but didn't need much so really didn't get much.  Came home and I made some homemade pizzas.  One day, we'll actually get on schedule again and eat dinner like normal people do instead of 9pm at night.  Don't know what it is w/ us this last week but the late dinners have become a norm.  Usually that's a summer thing for us as we go & go swimming all day.  Only have a month left of school so guess we're breaking in the schedule early.  LOL.  Relaxing soon w/ a movie.

Tomorrow brings church and work in the yard.  Max will finish weedwacking and mowing.  I'll finish gardening and cleaning up from the storm this past week.  Need to mulch but I'm slow.  Plus, paying for airline tickets, yard looking nice is just not a priority this year.  Getting my kids home is.  Going to finish painting the front door frame and Warren will install the invisible fence.  Busy day but hopefully we'll get stuff done. Been a long weekend.  Next weekend we are definitely going to try that zoo thing again.

Kids are doing well.  Can tell they're getting excited about me traveling soon.  That's wonderful.  Not fearful, but excited.  Good sign.  Boys finally cleaned their room.  Not sure how long it will stay like that but maybe for a week would be nice.  Need to sort their toys and clothes.  Still clearing some clutter and reorganizing.  Got to run.  More pictures and such later.  Just enjoying a day w/ the family and ready to relax a bit.  Figuring out a game plan for all the stuff we have to get done.  Lots.  Max's glasses broke this evening.  Can't see a thing w/out them.  The "extra" that was w/ us lost her cell phone.  Apparently, her and the girls decided it would be a good idea to put it in a bag.  A bag filled w/ clothes to go in the donation bin.  Yep, in the donation bin it went w/out our knowledge until after we all got home.  They are going to go try to retrieve it tonight.  Do hope they can.  More to come.  Going to try to catch up on a few posts I had started.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!  It's going way too fast for us.  Still can't believe it is May tomorrow.  So much to do before I leave.

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