Sunday, April 3, 2011

Punishment chores

Punishment chores have been running rampant here lately and I am NOT happy about it.  It means the kids have gotten in trouble, big trouble.  and yes, I'll have a post about the trouble they're in but right now, still very sick and just tired.  Anyhow, Thought I'd share a few pictures from what we had them do the other day as part of their punishment. 

We had  10 cubic yards of dirt delivered to fill in holes all over the yard and other low spots.  Plenty of those in our yard.  Yes, these two are the two that are seriously in trouble for weeks to come.  and that is correct...weeks.

Another shot of them actually working together.  Before this, Alex was just constantly yelling at Bojan.  They got it under control after "the look" I gave them.  This dirt was heavy too as it just rained. 

No, Nik was not part of the work crew.  He decided to work on his own.  he was asking me if Irina went to the doctor.  She didn't & have no idea where he got that from but that's what he was asking.  No, Nik decided the work looked like fun.

Alex taking a break. Pile was getting smaller.  They are about finished this week with it though they are still grounded.  What they did was unacceptable in this house & they know it.  Again, I'll share in another post.  Just been very tired lately.  

Went to the doc today, Sunday.  Have a respiratory infection & double ear infection.  Not fun as I can't sleep.  Antibiotics start today & hoping by Tuesday I'll feel a bit better.  Lots to share about this weekend in an upcoming post.  For those I need to get back to, I will eventually get back to you.  Answered around 15 of those emails today.  Like I said, it's been a tiring weekend.  Playing catch up as best I can.  Got to go.  People are coming over soon to see what needs to happen to help get our house ready for the new kiddos.  SO excited!  Alyona will finally be getting her room.  Thrilled.  We are planning a really girlie room for her.  Pink walls and all.  Wahoo!!!!  Found a couple things at the yardsales yesterday.  We really enjoyed ourselves shopping yesterday.  Girls and I had a great time & found really awesome, awesome deals.  Got to go.  Hope  you all had a great weekend. 


  1. Take care of yourself! Praying you feel better soon.

  2. We are discussing those at our house after our kids go to bed. Maybe not so much chores...but loosing toys. Well, maybe a chore here and there!!! Oh...poop scooping! Yep, in their world that is YUK! :) Hope you have a happy Monday!