Monday, April 11, 2011


My kids have been busy lately with school projects.  Now, if they can do them on their own and don't want help, I let them.   Give you a few.

This was one of our kids' assignments.  Had to draw a plant and label it.  He came up with this on his own.  Not sure why he used tape instead of glue but whatever works.  Any ideas who it was?  

Alex did it all by himself!  This is a big step for Alex so I was rather proud.  I honestly did not even know he had a project.  He wanted to do it all himself.  And, he did.  Great to see the pride in him.  

Okay, so he'd be mad at me for showing you this as it is an uncompleted piece.  This is Max.  He finally drew himself!  I think it's awesome.  He'll finish it and can't wait to see when it's done.  He did this off a photograph.  Kid's got talent, that's for sure.  

Okay, though Warren won't tell anyone, he is a phenominal artist.  Kids know this and they also know that mom sucks at art.  I mean truly suck.  Stick figures are about all I can do.  Warren was trying to help Bojan.  We all were trying to help the kid.  Why?

Yep, poor Bojan inherited my art skills.  I don't say that to be mean.  Everyone has their own talents and Bojan is more musically inclined.  Bojan was trying to draw a wolf from that book in the left corner.  Warren was trying to help him fix it a bit.  I like the fact that Bojan was taking it all in stride.  He started the project and we told him we'd help but he wanted to do it on his own.  Once almost done, then he asked for help but it was way too late for him to start over.  So, Warren tried to help him fix it & the other kids looked on.  He did well on it so wasn't really a big deal.  Told him next time, ask for help a little earlier. LOL.  He agreed profusely.  

There have been more projects but that's all I had pictures of at the moment.  I love the fact that my kids want to and do the projects on their own.  They all know we're there to help them if they need it but I love the sense of pride they seem to have when they show me their completed project.  

Much more to come in the next few posts.  Going to get caught up in here but life took priority. I'll be back w/ more info.  Much more info.  Kids available for adoption, some projects, etc.  If I didn't work during the day, I'd be able to catch up but that doesn't happen here.  LOL.  Must work. 

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