Sunday, April 10, 2011

Please Watch Tonight

I have been super duper busy this week & weekend.  I do promise to catch up but Warren must do work on the computer for his job so I'm not going to be on here again till tonight.  Now, we have had such a productive weekend and I can hardly wait to tell you all how we have been blessed this weekend but a group of selfless people of all ages.  The hearts of these!  More to come on that.  What I really need to tell you is to watch Dateline at 7pm.  Here's the trailer:

Baby House # 10

An older child is going back to Russia.  My older kids will be watching this.  I'm not even sure what all it will entail but I do feel it will be of great importance for them to watch.  It is vital for many of these children to know where they came from and why we feel it is so important for them to get out of institutions.  I've shown my older ones just where some of their sibs were bound to end up.  They were horrified by it all & asked if we could go back and get some of those kids out.  See, Irina and Max were going to be kicked out of their orphanage at age 13yo.  They had nowhere else to go after that.  On the streets.  No job, no money, no family, no shelter, no food.  So young.  They lived in a remote area of Russia and there were no options.  This information came straight from the coordinators there & a local teacher who spoke English and filled us in on many aspects of orphanage life there.  Irina and Max would have never survived. 

Yana and Alex were next.  they were not headed to institutions but w/ out Alex's vital mental health meds, he would not have survived over there either for very long. 

Bojan we were told was kept at the baby home b/c they didn't want to send him to the institutions.  Perfectly capable of things but he was born over there w/out a leg.  That is seen differently in Serbia though views are changing slowly.  When we were there, it was different and told they didn't want Bojan to go to the institutions.  At the time, I did not know what that meant.  He's very bright though lately I'm questioning his common sense!  (it's the age.  We'll survive.  LOL). 

Alyona & Nik were going to go to the institutions in Russia as well.  So, we feel it's important for them to see where they may have ended up.  It will be interesting to see what they think and more than that, how they feel.  And yes, they are old enough to understand it and handle it. 

I will be watching.  Can't wait to hear what others will think of the show.  Got to go.  Much more to come. 


  1. Bummer....I didn't read this post until 7:33p...I have the show set on DVR now though so I can watch when all the screaming kids go to bed!!!

  2. I read the book. Very disturbing with many of the things he described I believe happened to my my daughter. If yor are interested in the book I will mail it to you.
    Pat Spencer

  3. This is available online now...I missed the original airing, too.
    My son was "hospitalized" in Russia for months and then put in a "rehabilitation center for HIV+ orphans" and then in a baby house for children with delays. His experiences were very much like this boy's. But he got out before he turned 3.

  4. The whole program can be watched online just go to Datelines's site. I hope this inspires people to adopt orphans and to give the children with special needs a chance. More needs to be publicized about this injustice so that things can be improved for these innocent children who can not speak up for themselves- thanks for posting about the program-