Friday, April 29, 2011

Park adventure part II

I will continue with some more of our park adventure.

Alyona and Nik just hanging around.  Those two have some serious strength.  When they first arrived home from Russia, they were too weak to push bike pedals.  

Some of the kids eating lunch.  We had PBJ, fresh strawberries (from strawberry picking), Sun Chips & homemade brownies.  Delicious!  Irina made the brownies for us all.  The older girls and I sat at the "big kid" table.  

Alex and Bojan goofing off as usual.  Bojan's teacher was actually sitting right beside us!  Small world.  We don't do soda too often but a day at the park calls for soda for sure.  Yes, they spilled one of course.

One of the "littles" and Alyona playing together.  Funny, as Summer is the same age as this "little."  I think Alyona will do just fine w/ her new sister.

Got to love the frizz in the hair shot.  My kids don't think it's fair that I never have any pictures of me on here.  Well, now I do.  Bad hair day & all.  

Bojan has absolutely no trouble working these monkey bars.  I'm surprised at that too. Not b/c of his leg but b/c of such shortened fingers on the one hand.  Yet, he manages to grip and stay up.  

Alex.  Don't know what to say bout this picture.  He just looks like he's getting much older to me.  That cute little blonde hair, blue-eyed little boy is no more.  He is becoming one of the big kids now.  Growing up.  

And this my friends is a sign we need to leave the park soon.  Just look at the look on Alyona's face.  That is priceless.  LOL.  She is thinking boys...why am I surrounded by them?  Just take a look at the size of Alyona's legs for a moment.  When we brought her home from Russia, you could take your middle finger & your thumb to form an 'O' and run it from her ankle all the way up her thigh.  It was terrible.  Look at her now!  A family makes a difference. It's night & day in kids living in an orphanage.  Please consider it.  

They all had a good time at the park.  Yana and her friend went to play tennis for a little while.  They came back and said "Mom, we're no longer horrible.  We're just bad."  I guess that's improvement.  Great that all ages had a good time.  All behaved and really had no issues.  

Have a great evening.  Going to bed and waking up to go to the zoo.  We have a wonderful zoo in this state.  It's a all day thing for us to go.  We try to go once a year but haven't been for two years.  Should be fun and weather is simply going to be beautiful.  Just wonderful for sure.  Packing lunches and hitting the road.  Sunday is church, outlet shopping for the kids a bit, and working in the yard.  I will try to catch up on posts and email.  Just need a few more hours in a day.  So, be patient w/ me.  Our "situation" we hope is nearing an end.   Told the meeting is next Wednesday or so.  I think today some eyes were opened a little more which is always a good thing.  Keep praying for truth to prevail and resolution so we can not have to worry about it any more.  I want all focus to be on ALL ten of our kids.  Need to get my 7 through the end of school and meet my other three.  Very ready.  More posts to come.  Thank goodness I am a wickedly fast typer.  My kids ask me to type of their reports.  I never do.  It's their project or report, they are to do it.  They beg b/c they say "but mom, it won't take you long but it will take me forever."  I said practice.  Hope you all enjoy your weekend.  I believe we will enjoy ours. 

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