Friday, April 29, 2011

Park adventure, part I

No thoughtful Thursday post today.  Honestly, just been a lot going on right now in this house. Lots of decision making for sure.  So, needed to break up some of these wordy posts and catch up on some pictures.  Last week was Spring Break and I took 11 of them to the park.  Ages 3 to 18.  We have  a great park and it was a gorgeous day here. 

Everyone, minus 3 older girls, was watching a movie before we headed out.  At this point, we had one too many.  He wanted to go to the park too but I only had room for 11.  Had told all the "extras" that come to our home the day before who could go.  I am responsible for 11 kids during the day.  I must take those children. Oh, Max had stayed home.

Alex starting off w/ the monkey bars.  No problems there!

Alyona getting help from a friend.  This friend has been a friend of the our older girls for years and really treats Alyona better than Yana & Irina treat Alyona at times.  She is such a sweet girl, always respectful and just the kind of friend you'd what for your children.

Never too old for a slide ride.  Alyona coming on down.

Look closely & you'll see the sheer laughter & delight in their faces.  This is one of those spinning things that makes you dizzy.  The boy he's with is one of their friends and is originally from Ukraine.  

Irina is helping the kids and watching on.  She did enjoy a few rides herself later too.  Hard to believe she is 18 now.  Really hard to believe.  

This is Alyona and Irina on the spinning thing.  Yana is filming and telling them to go faster.  Problem w/ this is after this, Alyona was scared.  Really scared.  I said next time, do not keep going, tell them to stop.

Nik climbing high on one of the playgrounds.  No fear.  My kids have no fear.  Many more park photos to come.  In addition, Special Olympics photos as well.  So much to share, so much to tell.  Stay tuned for more.  It's 9:47 here and no, we still have yet to eat dinner.  Been a crazy afternoon and the kids & friends have been playing here till evening.  Ever have fun where you totally forget about the time & forget to eat?  Well, that was all of us.  We all realized about 9 that we were hungry.  Warren is making beef & veggies on the grill.  Have it over rice & we shucked fresh corn on the cob.  Yum.  Full bellies, all of us going to bed & then off for a long day at the zoo tomorrow.  Busy, busy but a good busy.  Stay tuned!

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