Thursday, April 21, 2011

'No Problem' !!!!

Came across this information and thought I'd share.  I think it speaks volumes of what all our kids can accomplish in life if given the opportunity.  There are many orphans out there that folks just  pass by.  Read this.  And then think again before passing them by.  They CAN indeed do amazing things in life.  The big whoopla surrounding the royal wedding and what everyone is going to wear.  I really wish the major news media would cover stories like these.  Enjoy.

no problem!

Got to go.  Just 12 here today so I lucked out.  All are watching a movie right now & waiting for me to put in the strawberry shortcake I'm making.  It's raining out so definitely a movie day.  Hope you enjoyed the article.  More to come later this afternoon. 

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