Thursday, April 14, 2011

Max's birthday celebration

I know I wrote about part of what he did.  Well, our going out was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.  So, we had to do the family celebration the following weekend.  April 2nd, a Saturday was the day we went to go celebrate Max's birthday.  Happens to be 'R's b-day that day too.  Anyhow, we headed out to the mall.  Something, we really hate to do. 

One of the main reasons we hate going to the mall.  Yes, that is one of those height limit  bars.  This is the view from inside the van.  Umm, no, we're not going to make it.  Though a little too late for that now, huh?  BTW, there is NO parking on Saturdays at the mall.  

Ahh, chopsticks and boys.  Obviously, the restaurant must not have had my boys before.  They can find all kinds of devious uses for these seemingly harmless utensils.  While they waited, they replayed seens from the Karate Kid where he was catching flies w/ chopsticks.  What drove me insane was them later eating  

Warren and Irina.  Hard to believe she's 18yo.  Seems like yesterday.  

Kids thought the smiley face in the rice was cool.  Oh, they had no problem telling the chef that their chicken was WAY better than dad's or that my mom could never could like that.  Yes kids, now's the time for more honesty.  LOL.

Some of the kids anxiously awaiting the rest of their meal.  And, really enjoying the show that the chef puts on.  It really is a neat show.  We absolutely LOVE Kanki!  

Notice the people at the table behind us.  They are delighted in the fact that I have kids w/ an uncanny ability to catch whatever flies through the air.  I think all but one of my kids caught the pieces of chicken the chef tossed up in the air.  People behind us were cheering them on and couldn't believe they could catch them all.  I'm not.  As much popcorn that flies through my house & into mouths, it's no wondering they can do this.  I did not even attempt it.  

They sang Happy Birthday to Max in Japanese & he got a small bowl of rainbow sherbert.  Caught him in the act.  

Nik thought the statue was very interesting.  He asked me to take his picture.  He really is a camera hog.  Catch them now b/c when they become teens, they don't want their picture taken.  

Okay, to us this is just simply delicious.  We very much enjoy ginger dressing.  We bought an extra jar to take home.  Yes, we love it that much on salad.  My kids had asked to have salad the following week just to eat the dressing.  It really is good stuff.

All in all, Max had a good time with all of us and enjoyed his birthday meal.  Kanki is our favorite restaurant.  It is the first place we take new kids to when they come.  It's amazing to see the look on their faces when the chef does his show and tricks.  Another reason my kids can't wait for their sibs to come home from Bulgaria.  LOL.  It was just an awesome time w/ everyone together.  We went in early afternoon and it was very pleasant.  It had been years since we had gone.  Still hard to believe that Max is now 16yo.  Time sure does fly.   The referral picture I have of him of that little giggly boy is a memory for sure.  He's now a young man.  Toddler no more.  We are very proud of who Max has become.  From the kid who was head banging & having night terrors when he came home, to a kid who is artistic and very mechanically inclined.  Can't wait to see what the next few birthdays have in store for our young man.  Thanks to all who wished him well on March 27th.  

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