Monday, April 25, 2011

Manic Monday

So much going on that it truly is manic Monday.  Well, manic week.  Today, I only have one extra here so we'll be able to get stuff done for sure.  Our neighbor is selling their house & having a showing so having the kids help pick up the outside.  We don't have to but I just feel it's respectful.  Don't want new neighbors thinking they live next to Sanford & Sons.  We hate to see our neighbors go but would love to know who may be moving right next door to Chaos Manor. 

Warren is going to be late for work today.  He's getting new tires as they are worn down to the fabric.  Lovely.  Van must must be inspected this week. Shooting for Wednesday even though we know it won't pass inspection.  It needs new tires.  Ouch.  New tires on our van are around $150 a piece.  Yikes!  Just not good timing but it usually never is.  Go w/ the flow.  That's why we both work, right?  Good news is Warren did manage to fix our refridgerator so now we don't have that repair cost looming. 

This is the kids last day of spring break.  Phew.  Two have projects to get done that I have told them ALL spring break to do.  Nope.  they saved them for today.  I refuse to help.  As Warren says at work: poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.  Asked while at Walmart the other day if anyone needs supplies for their projects.  Answer was no. How much you want to make a bet that the answer will change if asked again today?  Max has an art project to finish.  Irina has a report on cochlear implants to do & learn to sign.  Should get interesting today.  Don't mind helping but do not expect me to help too much the last minute. 

Kids are watching Megamind right now.  Going to clean up the yard after it's over and then may do slip & slide.  Don't know yet.  No appointments this week that I'm aware of.  We do have Special Olympics on Friday for Alyona and I can hardly wait.  She LOVES going there and really does well.  Warren took off work so he & I will go together.

Kids will have to get back into routine and after a break that is always difficult.  I have thank yous to do and such but I am still way, way behind on things.  We are still awaiting news on our "situation" and do hope we here soon so we can officially book our tickets.  It's so hard to wait. Prayers on a truthful resolution would be wonderful.  We are very ready to move on and meet our children in Bulgaria.  The kids are ready as well.  The girls' room is ready.  Prayers for an answer this week. 

May is fast approaching and it is packed full of activity.  We're bummed we're going to miss the SAS picnic/ anniversary but great reason to miss it.  Going to Camp Cheerio of the whole weekend!  That is the cue camp we go to for Nik.  We're not a cueing family but learn oh so much at the variety of workshops they do there.  It is just amazing.  Kids are even counting the days down.  We are finally able to get to the zoo this coming Saturday.  Haven't been for awhile so should be nice.  HOpe we are able to feed the giraffes.  That would be really cool.  Neat experience.  We'll see.  More posts forthcoming.  I have a pile started and not finished.  Shhh.  I sound like my kids and their projects.  Enjoy your week everyone. 

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