Monday, April 18, 2011

Manic Monday

Title is appropriate.  It's spring break for the kids...not for me.  Though 2 of the "littles" are not here, 4 other kids are.  So, 13 kids here today.  Luckily, it's beautiful out today.  We're hanging out at the house.  Tomorrow, taking 11 to the park (all the van has room for).  Wednesday, it is slip & slide & sprinkler fun as it will be about 90 outside.  Thursday, I'll have to do errands so we'll do some crafts here.  Friday is rainy & cold again.  So, movie day that day for sure.  It's spring break week here so kids are off of school.  If you're wondering how I can write during the day.  I just made all the kids come in as they've been outside all day.  Plus, Nik & one of the "littles" dump all my rocks over.  Among some of their finds were a few fire ant mounds, termites(I think), and a giant spider.  Max killed the giant spider. 

Max helped plant some more azaleas.  Bought  3 of them for $6.  They looked dead but they've already come back to life.  Again, you don't have to spend a lot on landscaping.  The $2 boxwoods I bought the other day from the side of the road were $15 a piece at Lowes for the SAME size & type.  Bargin hunter, I know. Or frugal or whatever you want to call me.  I will take a picture in a few weeks of what it looks like once all have grown up & out.  Alex has been working off some of his time owed as well.  Slowly, things are getting done around here.  I was actually able to get a birthday card out on time for a change.  Fees were paid to our adoption agency today.  More real by the minute.  Also wrote a note of encouragement to someone today.  May not seem like much but over the last few months since our situation started, I had let little things fall through the cracks and the situation consume me instead.  Finally, came to trust and have faith that things will work out and truth will prevail.  In doing so, have been able to relax a little more and get back to some sense of normalcy.  It's been nice.  Though Chaos Manor isn't always normal, helps if mom is. 

No appointments for this week.  I think we can actually make the FAS support group meeting tomorrow night.  Hope so anyhow.  Warren and I haven't even done any Easter shopping yet.  Really, it's not what it's about so I guess I kind of leave the shopping till the last minute.  Doing the same thing we did last year most likely.  We had a big bin filled w/ many outside toys and such.  Not sure if we'll do that or individual baskets.  I unexpectedly am watching another child just for this week(spring break).  So, that pay will go to help w/ Easter.  You'd be shocked at how much a candy rabbit is.  Multiply it by 7 & you can see why we steer away from all the candy over Easter.  Not making the sunrise service.  I can tell  you that already.  We will definitively make the Easter Service at 11 on Sunday though.  Planning on going to the zoo on Saturday too.  Kids may end up at their grandparents house this week too.  We'll see.  Checking schedules.  Been busy.  Kids are counting down the days till Camp Cheerio.  They are beyond excited.  It's so refreshing to go there.  I can't even begin to explain it.  Being w/ others that understand your trials and tribulations with your special needs kids is priceless.  That's why we really are going to see if there is any way possible to go to the FAS camp in FL this October.  Time will tell. 

Anyhow, busy next few days but a good busy.  We're getting some things done around the house.  Painting, fixing stuff, etc.  Pups are driving us nuts right now.  REally nuts.  They keep escaping.  We've tried a fenced in yard.  They jump it.  We've tried keeping them in the house.  The little kids let them out.  We've tried tethering them to one of those pet stakes in the yard.  They bolted & broke it.  We need a higher fence is the bottom line.  We'd try the invisible fence but 1) they're expensive and 2) I don't think it'd work w/ them.  So, working on a solution still.  Otherwise, pups are doing well. 

Got to get going.  Working on a late dinner.  Very late dinner.  Pork chops on the grill, broccoli, and mashed potatoes.  Yum.  We were hoping for strawberry shortcake for dessert but did not get to it yet.  We went picking yesterday.  Had a good time.  Took 9 kids w/ us.  All did fantastic & we got some great berries.  Yet another post.  LOL.  More to come for sure.  Originally, I thought I'd never have enough to write about on here.  Now, I don't have enough time to write it all.  Lots happening in the upcoming months for sure.  Lots to share as well.  For now, time to go and try to get things done.  Speech therapist just got here.  Talk to you all later.

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