Monday, April 11, 2011

Manic Monday

I have so incredibly much to catch up on.  This past weekend was beyond incredible and just inspiring really.  A whole separate post on that after this one.  You'll find this week I'll be doing a lot of catch up posts.  Last week Nik went to the dentist.  Got the one cavity filled and the dentist was awesome!  Originally, we were driving back to school.  Well, he had a reaction to the laughing gas and so we headed home instead.  Warren had taken off that day.  Nik was later doing okay.

After that, Bojan went to get his knee fixed.  We did that and he even got a cover for it.  Cover lasted a day.  He's rough on equipment and parts.  Very rough.  We are going to ask for his old knee back.  We really do not like this new hydraulic knee at all. It's an adult knee and we just don't think it's doing him any good.  It's broken...again.  Frustrating b/c we are not even close to his prosthetic doc. Bojan is very hard on his equipment.   That's good though b/c it means he uses it.  Calling today.

Had Nik's IEP meeting last week.  Took the 4 "littles" with me.  Interesting meeting.  Told them I may have no choice but to pull them from school.  Nik met none of his IEP goals this past year.  Some I agree were out of reach.  however, some were not.  He's got a great team but I think a little more one on one at home would do him good.  put it this way, the kid counts down every week how many days left till school is out for the weekend.  I think at 1st grade, that's sad.  He should be enjoying school.  Not counting down the days till it's over or fake being sick not to go after the dentist.  (I think he was faking once I told him he was going back to school).  Major decisions on their schooling coming up.  Getting organized for homeschool next year.  Just trying to determine who's going to be at home and who's not.  Time will tell.

Many things are going on in Chaos Manor.  Some good.  Some not so good.  We are working on making reservations where we need to go for various reunions.  We had committed to our annual Orenburg Reunion which we try to attend every year and really enjoy. It's for June 25th.  Last week, an invitation to a family reunion that same day came.  Very hard choice indeed.  We're mulling it over this week.  We will most likely keep the Orenburg Reunion for various reasons.  One being, that Irina is 18yo.  There is much about her past that is still a mystery and this connects her in a small way w/ others.  At this time in her life, that is vital.  In addition, the other reunion is further away and we truly want to attend the FAS camp for the first time in FL in October.  They do it every year and this would be an awesome opportunity for our kids.  Plus, found cheap lodging.  It's important when you have children w/ various disabilities to connect w/ others who have some of the same issues.  We have found deaf camp an invaluable resource for us.  I feel the FAS camp will be the same.  But, to go to that, we'd have to save money.  And the family reunion trip would knock that opportunity off the books.  Hard decisions b/c it is family.  However, already had an offer for some family here to go camping together this summer.  That would be awesome.  More on all this later.

We also have to make decisions of what kids are going to my in-laws over spring break.  This is tough as we want them all to go.  However, two are still in very serious trouble for something serious they did.  Again, lots of catch up posts to follow.  Just been super busy this past week. 

Okay, started this this morning.  Busy day.  Very busy day.  Picked up Alyona from school for a tiny rash on her hand that she scratched the crap out of.  Why?  Because it is a way to get out of school.  URGHH!!!  BTW, she did NOT scratch a once when she got home.  Kids.  Now, Max is sick as of tonight.  Fever hovering around a 100 and he feels rough.  Poor guy though has been working non-stop since Friday.  I think he really just pushed himself too much.  We'll see in the morning.  I think it's a combo of exhaustion and school stress and allergies.  Won't know till the morning.  Doubt he'll be going to school tomorrow.  Had a visitor this afternoon in regards to our "situation" that is still not resolved.  Trying to be patient but honestly, this has been going on since February 25th.  Time to wrap it up folks and let us get our travel date re-issued.  Again, won't disclose the situation until it is officially over.  Just know it has really put a kink in our plans and our childrens' lives. 

Still moving stuff into Alyona & her new sisters' room.  Can't wait to share it all with you.  I promise tomorrow.  Just can not believe how busy we were today.  More to come w/ pictures too!  For now, I need to decompress, watch Castle (LOVE this show) and catch up w/ Warren a bit.  Just one of those manic Mondays for sure.  Where's my Nutella when I need it?!  Stay tuned for more. 

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