Monday, April 4, 2011

Manic Monday

Busy weekend and I'll have to catch you all up in another post.  I have been sick.  Went to the doc yesterday and dx'd w/ respiratory infection of some sort & double ear infection.  Fluid on the ears and such.  My head's killing me & it's torture to cough.  But, it could always be worse so I best not complain.  Antibiotics for a few days and should be good as new.  No "littles" today which I may take advantage of and try to nap.  Hard as I'm one of those people who can't nap when I feel there is stuff that needs to be done.  We'll see. 

Appointment wise this week, not too bad.  Nik goes to the dentist tomorrow to get his first cavity filled.  that's going to be  tough one as he's terrified.  Warren and I will both be there.  That afternoon, Bojan goes to get his new knee.  Yes, active one already had issues w/ the brand new knee he has.  Other than that, it should not be too bad.  The doc office ran out of shots for Nik.  Waiting for a call for them to tell me when he can get one.  I do think I have Nik's IEP meeting this week.  Don't know what I"ll say.  Happy w/ the progress but due to our "situation," we may have to pull all our kids from school this coming year.  I don't really want to but may have no choice.  Time will tell.  And yes, I plan to disclose what all has happened but just can't until it's all over.  I know for a fact one of his friends is going to be homeschooled next year as well so thinking they can play together some too.  There are tons and tons of homeschool activities for the kids in this area.  Waiting lists are long as there are so many homeschoolers.  There are also now some virtual schools which we're checking into.  So many options but have to pick what is right for each child.  2 of my older kids will hopefully be working soon so I need a program that can be flexible w/ them as well.  That and it's hard to find a job around here.  May have to get creative.  Irina wants to open her own type of job and she'd be great at it.  I'll throw some ideas out for a name and you all can give some comments.  That too is for another day though. 

This past weekend, a group of folks came from a church in Benson to our home.  They have volunteered their services to help get our home ready for our three newest additions!  Can you believe the generosity of these people?!  Giving up their time, their weekend to help serve others.  Amazing.  Simply amazing acts of kindness and selflessness.  I can not wait to work with them this coming Saturday.  They are arriving early.  We are going to get the girls' room ready which is no easy feat.  Big ceilings & lots of painting.  They will also fix the quarter round that is not nailed down.  We don't have a lot of tools so this is wonderful for us.  They are also going to fix our back steps.  Both sets.  They are in pretty rough shape.  And the spot on the back porch they will check to see if the rot has gone further under the house.  With all we've had going on and some challenges w/ our children lately, this is a huge, huge burden lifted off our shoulders.  Having help is beyond a blessing.  I honestly don't know how we can ever thank them.  We were truly worried about not having the room ready for the new kids but now that worry is gone & we can concentrate on their healing when they get home & all the necessary medical help they will need.  This group is giving so much of themselves to help others.  God will provide.  It is proven over and over again.  This is so much more than helping us paint a room or fix a few things.  This whole project of serving goes so much further.  It is really helping to bring three special kids home from an orphanage into their first home ever.  It will be a safe home, a refuge for them.  They will have beds of their own.  A wonderful family from this same church dropped off much needed bunkbeds.  How awesome is that?!  After all the delays, all the craziness of this final adoption, it is all slowly coming together.  People all the time say it's God's timing.  Okay, I will admit (told you I'd be honest on here) I used to always think people used this as an excuse to deal w/the wait.  The more I think about it, the more I realize there is indeed a reason for delays and for why things happen the way they do.  It is part of a great plan though we may not always know why.  I look back on all our adoptions and the delays.  Had we not been delayed w/ Max & Irina's adoption (court date changed 5 times!), we would not have been able to do the adoption as we didn't have the money until literally the day before we left.  Had we not been delayed in Yana & Alex's adoptions, we would not have found Bojan nor would we have been allowed to adopt Alex.  Had we not been delayed in Alyona's adoption, we would not have known how much serious trouble she was in w/ her health nor would we have been able to adopt Nik as he was found much later in the process.  In turn w/out Nik, we would have missed out on great opportunities we've had over the years to meet all kinds of people and learn about deaf culture.  See, delays for everything and a reason for those delays.  Had this adoption not been delayed, we probably would not have had the opportunity to meet these wonderful people from this little church in Benson and realize how big their impact can be!  I'll write more later on it.  I am just now seeing that the delays in this Bulgarian adoption are for a reason.  I'm at peace w/ that now and still being impatiently patient about it.  sorry for rambling on.

I'll have a post about Max's celebration this past weekend.  Still exhausted and need to rest.  It's a beautiful day but I can't really breath that well so staying in.  Need to finish a book that I need to review in 2 days.  So, going to go read some more.  Praying there is a resolution to our "situation" this week.  Trying to get some yard work done once I feel better.  I'm way behind on all our flower planting that we typically do this time of year.  We'll catch up.  Love flowers.  Enjoy your week and much more to come and pictures as well. 

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  1. I am like you , trying to keep in mind about His timing! Its taken many years to learn this but try to remember that when things don't go my way! I was upset a few years back when I didn't get 2 jobs that I thought were shoo-ins. The next year, Hurricane Katrina struck us and those 2 companies closed down and everyone was laid off! Boy, was I glad then that I didn't get those jobs! When I think back now, I see lots of instances in my life like that and now try to not get too stressed when things seem to go haywire - there is probably a "saving grace" in there somewhere! Hope you can remember that too! Saying prayers for your family and perfect timing!!