Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Locals-- check it out

Okay, okay, I know I've said this a dozen times before, but seriously, anyone in the triangle area needs to check this event out.  The pawprints people are at it again w/ a huge adoption fair this coming weekend.  TONS of dogs/ puppies, kittens.  Every age you can think of and breed for that matter.  We have done both routes...puppies and a dog. All great experiences working w/ pawprints.  However, we have definitely met our quota for this home in regards to pets.  3 dogs is more than enough.  Please check out the site and all the available dogs.  Oh, if you scroll down to 'Kylie' you'll see what our Aspen used to look like...uncanny the resemblance!  Some I know are afraid of chow-chows.  However, we had our chow-chow mix for years..15 years to be exact.  He literally saved my life 3 times.  VERY protective of their owners for sure.  Yet, he was gentle as could be around the kids.  Loved Aspen to pieces.  So check this pooch out for sure.  Also, if you look down at adoption/adoption pending statuses, you'll see 'Alexander.'  He is now called Digby here! 

I love this organization.  I think it is extremely well run and you can tell the foster folks truly care about the care of the animals.  Here's the link:


I am banned from Petsmart per Warren.  The folks at Pawprints & Warren have decided to have a GPS installed in my van & when it gets w/in 10 miles, the van is to shut down.  Warren is to pick me up & take me home.  Yep, that's the plan.  I have to agree it's a good one.  Also have to add though, there were 9 YES's that day we got Digby...not one!!!  All in fun.  So, if in the triangle area, come take a look at some fantatic dogs and puppies.  Or, just drop off a donation.  They love comforters, bedding, dog bowls, leashes, etc.  Hey, that's what we did...just went to drop off a donation.  No plans to get Digby.  None whatsoever.  Of course now that he's here, we love him to pieces.  He is SO awesome.  Listens, loves to be petted, walks wonderfully on a leash, quiet, etc.   See if any of you may find your next pet there.  I know we did!  All three of them!  Petsmart in Garner (Timber Dr., not the Whiteoak one).  Thanks.

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