Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Irina's ASL performance

Last week, Irina had a performance to do w/ her ASL class at school.  It was being held in the auditorium.  Now, I should know w/ my FASers that I can never, ever trust the info that is bestowed upon me by them.  Why you ask?  Because they tend to mix up the info and/ or leave vital info out.  This was true last week as well.  I had happened to be exhausted that day so anything new sprung on me was not going to go over well.  Irina gets home and says she needs to be at the school at 5:30, not 6:00 like she told me.  URGHH!!!  Fine, we can handle that.  Rearrange everything, including the turkey I was cooking for the evening.  We can cut the potatoes up when we get back.  Oh, that was the next thing she sprang on me.  She gave me a program. Originally, I was told about an hour long.  Now, 2 and a half hours long!  URGHH!!!  Fine, we can handle that.  Then Irina tells me she needs a ball for that night's performance.  Okay, not handling that.  I am not going out to buy a ball when I have 45 minutes to get kids off bus, semi fed, meds given, and little homework done in order to leave in the pouring down rain to go see Irina's performance.  Told her to go find one in the woods.  They all land in the creek.  She said no.  She said she can't use balloons.  Told her to figure it out.  She went over to the neighbor's & borrowed a bicycle helmet. 

Irina's part in the play is a pregnant woman.  Nik wanted to play along.  Umm, I think he has his parts mixed up.  His belly is a little high.  LOL.  I honestly don't even see how we had time to take a picture.  As I told Irina, "poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."  Warren says that at work I think.  She knew this last minute stuff she springs on me does not make me happy.  

You all know the meds Alex are on make him zonk out at 7 pm every single night.  I knew where this night was going even before we got to the program.  It was literally one thing after another.  Oh, before we even got here, we realized we'd left the windows on the van open for 2 days in the downpours.  Sure enough, had to run back inside for beach towels b/c the driver's seat was soaked to the core.  

Got there and sat down.  Chatted w/ another adoptive mom who's also one of my kid's teacher last semester.  She, btw, "gets it."  She understands the kids & their needs.  It was nice talking to someone who can relate.  Kids were settling in and we were waiting for Warren.  Irina did her part and it was extremely short.  She walked on stage, walked off. No signing in that skit for her part.  

Time past and then the audio started feeding back...BADLY.  This in turn was excruciating to Nik.  Now, the processors on his ears are supposed to have limits where only a certain amount of sound is allowed in.  In other words, he can't hear when it is extremely loud.  It's a protective mechanism of sorts.  Well, appeared to be failing.  First three times it happened, I got him back to normal.  He was antsy but okay.  4th time it happened (this was THE loudest for everyone), Nik ripped the implants off his head and screamed like he was being tortured.  It was horrible.  Truly horrible.  He told me (in sign) in the hallway that his ears "popped" inside.  He did not want to put the implants back on & there was no way we were going to make him.  No way.  He did NOT even want to go back in the auditorium.  SO, I'm in the hallway, play's taking an intermission b/c of all the failures and I'm in the hall w/ a distraught child, no one was inside watching my kids, Alex was passed out, Irina was annoying a boy from her class & he was getting aggravated (remember, FAS kids don't have  an "off" switch & can't stop), & Warren had not made it there yet.  To boot, my head was killing me (this was when I was starting to get sick).  I was in no mood, no shape to be there.  Usually, I'm very ept at handling chaos.  This time, I just wanted to sit in the hall & cry like Nik was.  Nope, couldn't do it.  Sucked it up and moved on.  Found gum in my pocket book to keep other kids busy, Warren did come & take over w/Nik.  Alex woke up.  Told Irina to leave people alone.  Decided not to worry about the turkey I'd put in the oven before we left.  Time to sit back down and try to enjoy the rest of the evening.  Nik came back in.  

Warren had to take Nik back out again.  While out there, Irina asked him to take the helmet back to the car.  Well, they came back in and Nik had lots his glasses between the front of the school and the parking lot abyss. Yes, brand new glasses.  AT that point, I was begging for the night to just end.  I couldn't take it any more.  We still had piles of homework, baths and dinner to contend w/ once we made it home.  Anyhow, back to the play that seemed to last forever to our family.  Don't get me wrong, we like seeing stuff like this, just was a very bad night for all of us.

Irina's in the blue shirt.  Signing along w/ the rest of them. It was classes I, II , and III mixed together.  It was great to see all of them signing together.  Very happy Irina took the class and is learning something.  We try to have her teach us stuff everyday.  

Warren towards the end did go back & look for Nik's glasses.  He found them under someone's truck.  Guy of course wondered why he was snooping around under the truck  but then realized what he was doing.  Glasses weren't too worse for wear.  Now, it was onto going home.  In the dark.  You all do remember I can't see in the dark.  I had to have the girls be my eyes.  Warren drove in front of me.  Thankfully, we don't live far from the school.  Still, was very, very tough.  

Got home & assigned everyone tasks.  Nothing like getting home at 9:30 on a school night.  Yana and Nik helped me peel potatoes.  

My potato peelers.  Hey, I finally got them off the floor w/ the potatoes.  Nik is trying to create a monster from his potato.  

Nik's really getting into his job.  I had just basted the turkey.  After dinner we managed to get everyone to bed...late of course.  Irina did a great job and we were proud of her being able to keep up.  It's just everything else that was happening at the time made for a rough night.  Still though, we all made it, learned something and that's what counts.  We do go to all our kids' performances or when they have something at school.  Only time it gets tough is when it's poor planning on the schools' part.  When they have different schools having something at the SAME time.  I guess they don't ever think someone could have a child in middle school and elementary school at the same time.  LOL.  That's when Warren & I split up amongst the schools.  

It was a rough evening for sure.  Not going to lie.  But, we did get to see Irina up there signing and that made it all worth it.  She has come so far for sure.  And if you're wondering, the turkey did not get burned and the potatoes were fantastic.  Sometimes, you just go with the flow around here. 

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