Friday, April 22, 2011

I dare you...

With a few boys in this house, we seem to have games of I dare you to do... and you fill in the blank.  Thought I'd run through a few 'I dare you ' events that took place lately.  Hope you enjoy them.  Some I can laugh about, others no.

Though that looks like one of the cutest pictures I've seen, I'm almost positive Nik was daring him to drink the bird bath water.  He didn't but looks that way.  Nik really is sweet to "his buddy."  

I dare you to....

to find a cuter pup than our Kota!  Isn't he just sweet looking.  Ahh, that's why they say looks can be deceiving.  Kota is very playful still. Wish we had even a bigger yard for them to run in.  They keep jumping the fence still.  Trying to find solutions for that.  Just yesterday, Alaska broke the choke chain. Yep, a metal choke chain.  

Nik & one of the littles were responsible for this act of painting.  We were painting the door panels and left the paint of porch not thinking much of it. I'm sure Nik was thinking to himself:  I dare you to paint that.  BTW, this was AFTER we cleaned it up.  

What could be wrong w/ an innocent meal such as this?  when one of the boys pipes up & says "I dare you to drink that."  
Irina helping to make this elixer for Bojan.  Notice the hot sauce there?  She is dumping in a packet of Ramen Noodle seasoning.  YUCK!!!  Is he daring enough to drink that mess?

Yep, he was actually daring enough to drink that junk.  Max is eagerly awaiting a turn as well.   Alyona is wondering how in the world can they drink that stuff.  I

Max taking his turn at the dare.  All the kids around the table were laughing and screaming gross.  Again, my boys will do just about anything.  I kind of like that mentality though.  They're definitely not afraid to try anything new.  What a refreshing way to think.  Wish they would apply this more.  But, glad they have this adventurous spirit no matter how much it makes the rest of us gag.  LOL.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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