Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to entertain 13 kids...

water day at your house of course!  Yesterday it was about 88.  Kids are begging to swim but we do not open the pool until Memorial Day Weekend.  Gives it a chance to warm up.  But, we do have a slip & slide & a sprinkler.  We put the sprinkler to use yesterday afternoon. 

Yana setting up the sprinkler for them.  the little kids could hardly wait.  Nothing like that first drop of water on you during a hot NC day.  

Nik, stopped just long enough to get a picture taken.  In the background, we have some bug collectors.  NC has all kinds of interesting bugs...yuck.

I think Yana may have been having a little fun w/ the little kids as well.  She's just one big kid.  LOL.  

Alex is not in trouble here or sad.  He's overheated.  A common thing for him during the weather here in summer.  Alex has one kidney & I'm not sure if that is part of the issue or what.  Reason I say that is another person mentioned that to me once.  Normally, we keep him wrapped in a wet bandana.  So early in the season, I think we all forgot.  He was fine.  Just takes him a second or two to cool down and he's back to normal.  anywhere we go, during the summer months, we always, always have extra water for Alex.  Many times, we end up just pouring it on him to cool him off.  All bloodwork and such have always been fine.  Just one of those things.  

Alyona after running in the sprinkler.  All girl...laying out in the sun.  At our house, we have a basket full of sunscreen by the back door.  Even neighborhood kids know the rule of sunscreen on before going out in the pool.  Front yard though, we kind of forgot it.  Yet, no one burned yesterday.  But, no one was out long either.  Since our family is outside a lot and in the sun, we do believe in sunscreen.  It's a wonder that I'm even Vitamin D deficient.  (mine is severe). I'm always in the sun.  Don't know how Alyona and Nik survived all those polar nights in Murmansk.  

Nik, soaking up some rays w/ the girls.  

They ran like wild yesterday in the sprinkler.  Nice to watch.  Some did that, some collected bugs, some watched a movie, etc.  Before this, they had gone to the park.  Separate post.  Today, I'm getting ready to hook up the slip & slide.  Another day of sunny days and having fun.  Great to see.  Now, time to go serve some lunches and then it's outside.  Alyona went to get a friend up the street.  Our house, there are always kids here.  So really, 3 more isn't going to be anything new.  LOL.  Can't wait to meet my kiddos and bring them home.  For now though, playing w/ my kids & taking them places is wonderful.  Got to go.  Hungry crowds.  Hope your days are as pleasant as mine lately. 

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