Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Well, it was a very pleasant Easter here in NC.  Sun was shining and it was almost 90 outside.  Perfect Easter day. 

No, we could not get a decent picture.  I had one shot & this is what came of it.  Hey, we tried.  Don't know why Alex is making a goofy face, Max or Warren are not smiling & Bojan looks like a robot.  Yep, normal family picture. 

After church, the boys were getting to know Digby.  He's not a runner.  Stays in the yard, listens, doesn't jump the fence, friendly to other people.  Only issue we're having is him and Kota are currently having an "I am king" thing going on.  Both are males so we expected it a bit.  It happened when we brought Bear home to Aspen.  Hoping it dissapates over the next few days.  Watching them closely for sure.  He's fine w/ Alaska.  Okay w/ Kota on walks and around the house.  Kota is still in puppy play mode though.  Again, will most likely take time as it did w/ Aspen and Bear.  

Nik enjoying some gummy worms from Easter.  Have no idea how his hand has a hole in it.  Kind of cool.  No photography trick.  Kid looks like a ghost.  LOL.  

Not the surprise we were hoping for on fridge. We have two refridgerators and a freezer in the garage as well.  Both fridges are usually full.  Remember, there are 9 of us here, 4 "littles" during the week, & all the extras that stop by.  Warren is trying to troubleshoot the problem and hope that we can fix it w/out an expensive repair.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Boys went fishing w/ a neighbor today and had a great time.  Very cool of him.  Thanks so much Tony!!  Alyona spent the day w/ one of the "littles" and Irina & Yana went to a friend's house.  All are home.  Was a very nice day for sure.  I know I'm kind of going backwards by starting w/ Sunday.  Just been that kind of week.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well. 

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