Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happenings at Chaos Manor

Happy Easter everyone!  Had a wonderful service at church today.  And in case you're wondering, no we did not attend the sunrise service.  We barely made it to the 11 o'clock one so I knew 6am was out of the question.  One day.  One day we'll make it.

So much happening here, thought I'd try to catch up on a little of it and then work on some picture posts later today.  Today we went to church obviously.  Well, first we were awoken at 3:30am by Alaska. More on that later.  Then, just a few short hours later Nik & Alyona and Alex came to hover over our bed to make sure we knew the Easter Bunny came.  I'm telling you, one year that Bunny's going to get shot for coming this early.   Let the kids tear into the tub of Easter goodies.  More on that later too. I'll have pics from today for sure.  AFter candy, we had pancakes and oranges for breakfast.  Then, try to find clothes to get ready for church.  Barely make service but hey, we made it!  Great sermon, singing, etc.  Came home, changed and then went to the neighbor's house for a relaxing cookout.  Yummy food and now I'm back here.  Playing catch up on oh too many things let go this past spring break.

Yesterday.  Yesterday did not go as planned.  Not...a...bit!!!  Got up and had to go to Walmart for eye exams.  Me, Warren, Irina and Max.  All are okay.  Only one of my eyes changed slightly as did Max's but not enough to warrant new glasses.  Irina's we'll keep an eye on but no big deal... no glasses needed.  Warren does need new glasses but he says he'll wait.  We get $200 eye glasses allotment but that is for every 2 years.  Wish it were every year as vision changes.  Oh well, at least we have that for sure.  Warren may get some other ones but for now he said no.  Came home, let the dogs out, ate a quick bite for lunch.  Then, off to Petsmart w/ 10 of us in the car. Just one "extra" that day.  My speech before, during & when we got there was this.." ABSOLUTELY NO MORE DOGS!!!!"  We are ONLY here to drop off donations and will only stay 10 minutes to look at the animals.  That goes for every single person in this car.  Get out and took a little time to hand over the donations.  (had to find the right person).  Meantime, we're all just looking at the animals.  Lots of puppies but after going through the past few months w/ two new puppies, none of us were really hooked on those.  Thank goodness!!!  Then, we saw the older dogs.  You know, the ones always passed by.  the ones no one but no one wants.  Those dogs.  The ones that have the look, of please just won't someone pick me?  Just once.  All the shows they go to.  Just once.  Well, there was this one dog that everyone seemed to gravitate towards.  He wasn't even in a crate b/c he was so good & would just lay there.  They guessed his age to be about 2 or 3 years old.  I'm screaming no at the kids as we're walking this dog (just for a minute) in the store chatting w/ folks.  Talked to the foster parent.  Heard what an awesome dog this was.  He looked like a combo of Alaska, Kota and Bear.  Overweight.  Last owner that they rescued him from left him tied up all day long and fed him nothing but table scraps.  We're still saying no.  At this point, Bojan & Irina had piped up to combine their money to pay for part of the adoption fee.  Answer:  NO.  Adoption fee is $140.  They had $70.  Still...NO.  Then, the foster parent even offers to pay the entire fee!!!  You all know what a blessing that would have been in the midst of an international adoption.  But seriously folks, what on earth would we do w/ another dog?  Really, isn't two enough?  I know the pups are rambunctious and it would be nice to have a couch potato type dog that lays there & just wants to be loved but no.  No time.  No room.  No money.  No way.  Ahh, but isn't this often what we say when thinking of another child. Yep.  All the time.  Not right.  I really don't know at what point Warren & I lost our minds but fairly certain it was when we saw that dog.  You guessed it.  Digby is downstairs in the living room.  Are we crazy?  Don't know.  All I know is it felt really right.  The dog barely eats.  I'm sure that will change over the next few weeks. 

I will explain much more about the dog in the next post or two.  Want him to have his own post.  Much more to come on Digby real soon.  With pictures!  Right now, Irina and Yana are at their friend's house.  No school tomorrow.  Max, Bojan, & Alex are out fishing w/ my neighbor.  Just Alyona and Nik here.  Alyona was playing w/ one of the "littles" all day.  They really have a great time together so I know for sure her & Summer will get along very well when they get home.  Nice, nice Easter weekend for sure.  More to come!  Can't wait to share more. 

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