Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hanging around

Haven't done a random hanging around post in awhile.  Just pictures here and there.  Wanted something simple today.  More pictures to come but the hectic week has continued.  Have a post regarding this past weekend and all this church did for us.  But, still working on it.  So, in the meantime, some just hanging around pictures. 

Alyona, just hanging around outside.  She really is getting big.  Well, big in Alyona terms.  

Got to love the redneck couches.  To haul anything, we have to take the seats out of the van.  It's a royal pain but we need a towing kit for this van like we had on our old one.  However, not in the budget at the moment.  So, we do this.  Bojan was making himself comfortable outside while holding a  broken rake.  He decided to make some weapon out of it later.  My boys are either ninjas or jedis most of the time.  

Max after unloading all this wood.  I think he's contemplating what is his next task.  Max worked super duper hard the entire weekend.  He will make an awesome employee for sure.  Been told that too by people who've hired him for odd jobs.  One of my girls will need to adopt Max's work ethic.  She doesn't like to get her hands dirty.  Umm, that's not going to help you get your first job kid.  Should be interesting for sure.  Oh, Irina is going to apply for some jobs this weekend.  Can't wait.  She wants to work & I now think she's ready.  
Notice that we have chairs and couches in this house.  Notice, none of our children or visiting teens for that matter care to sit on them.  All sit on the floor.  Never understood that.  Nik is showing us his trick.  Future contortionist.  Kota is in the background and just zonked out.  

Nik, very proud of the weapon he made.  Mix of star wars and nerf guns.  Scope and all on it.  Could barely pick the thing up.  

Those are just some hanging around pictures.  More stuff to come this evening.  Just got a letter from environmental health saying we have to have the septic system checked by the county.  They do this every so often.  My neighbor just had hers done.  Keeping fingers crossed all goes well.  Our tank is not sized for our size family.  We get it serviced every year to every two years b/c of that fact.  Had it taken care of in December & they said all was good to go.  Hoping the county says the same thing.  Nothing else too new right now.  Irina has an IEP tomorrow.  If they can't answer the question I originally asked, they I'm out the door.  Got to go.  Still have Max's celebration to post and all the help we received this past weekend.  Bojan goes to the prosthetist today...again.  He went yesterday.  His knee is totally shot.  AFter a week.  Company thought they were trying to use it on another heavier patient.  Umm, nope.  He's 150 lbs. below the rated capacity.  He's just very hard on parts.  Remember, he's the one who busted 2 carbon fiber running legs.  We are serious about letting him test parts.  Has to be Bojan proof.  Enjoy your week.  It's Wednesday.  Can't wait for the weekend already.  Spring break coming up. 

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