Friday, April 1, 2011

Fearless can crash....

This happened a few weeks ago but I was going through some old pictures so figured I'd post.  As you all know, my kids love to play outside.  They are fearless.  We have hills in this neighborhood and they love them.  If there were a circus & they were asking for volunteers to walk hot coals, I honestly think my kids would volunteer.  Seriously, they are just fearless.  Well, sometimes the fearless part will indeed catch up to you.  I tell them to be careful, use good judgement but let's face it...they're kids.  That's not always going to happen.  Well, Bojan came hunched over to the house one day.  I said what happened.  Oh, it's okay, 'B' fixed it.  Now, 'B' is the "littles'" brother.  I said "let me see anyhow please just to make sure."  This is what I saw:

This is how his friend fixed Bojan's back.  I then said "did you all clean it out first?"  No, mom but we put bandaids on it.  I see that Bojan.  He was not too happy when I had to peel them all off in order to clean out the road rash.

As you can see, it's not too bad all things considering.  I really was shocked it wasn't worse when I heard what he did.  Bojan came home & said he told his friend "Stupidity has consequences."  (it's from a movie apparently).  Bojan then proceeded to get on their zipline.....feet first.  Remember, he's an aka & can only feel w/ one foot.  Fearless one went down the zipline feet first!  He landed in a pile of pinecones, sticks and bricks.  Yet, seem to end up w/ a few scrapes & a bruised ego.    Why my son chose to go down the zipline upside down I will never understand.  I thought as they get older, the decisions are supposed to become better and reasonable.  Guess we have a ways to go.  Good news is he was back up going again in a short time after this.  BTW, he's 12yo.  What decisions will he make as a teen next year?!  I do love the fact though that Bojan is willing to try just about anything.  Those considering adopting a child w/ a limb difference, I am the first to tell you it does NOT slow them down.  Nope, not even one bit!  

Not the best pictures in the world but thought the story was worth telling.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Have a wonderful weekend.  We're cleaning up and girls & I are going to yardsales.  can hardly wait!  After all that, we're going to Kanki for Max's b-day lunch that he didn't get the chance to get last weekend.  We're all very ready for it.  Right now, kids are watching Cat in the Hat.  Having salad & bake potatoes for dinner this evening.  They all of us are just going to relax for awhile after such a busy week.  And I'm determined this weekend to find at the very least the boys some Easter clothes.  Have Alyona's dress.  You bargin hunters will love this.  It was a $330 dress (tags still on) & found it at a thrift shop for $30.  It is pretty but no one in their right mind would have paid a couple hundred for it.  Alyona loves it of course.  She is my girlie girl.  Love it!  Not too many other parents get to dress their almost 12yo little lady in size 6 dresses & have them love it.  How lucky can I be???  Hope my other two little ladies coming home enjoy being girlie girls too.  More to come. 

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