Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Goodies (part III)-- Egg Hunt

Just b/c there is not enough candy coming to this home, we decided on an Easter Egg Hunt on Friday, I think. Think it was Friday.  Thought I'd share a few pics from the at home event. 

Yana and Irina were helping me to hide the Easter Eggs.  Thought of some pretty good places I guess as Warren has found 3 more since our hunt.  

Great hiding places, huh?  Right in the trees.  This is one of our young maple trees.  Kids found it though.  

4 of the kids getting ready to go wild for eggs.  You can tell we're still working on painting that front door.  Was supposed to take a day.  Umm, nope.  We'll get it done at some point I'm sure.  

Alyona showing me the eggs she got so far.  Not bad.  She was pretty quick.  I was surprised.  

I had one egg that was the special egg to find.  Nik happen to be the one to find it.  Truly thought it'd be Alyona as she was close to where I hid it.  He got $10.  He spent it on a pair of binoculars to watch bugs and things and also a bag of jelly beans he shared w/ everyone.  

They had a good time.  We had such nice weather for all the activities we did this Easter season.  Was just beautiful outside.  Still nice out today, Monday.  I still have to catch up w/ last week's pictures and a post about how to pick an amazing agency.  More of that to come. 

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