Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Goodies (part II)

Time for the other part of Easter goodies. 

Our kids no longer have individual Easter Baskets.  Honestly, it is just too expensive.  So, we do group gifts, usually outdoor stuff as that what our kids like to do.  Some of the items in there were kickball, soccer ball, baseball bat & ball, tennis balls, bug catcher net, bug house, bath tints, bubble bath, Easter Chocolate rabbits, etc.  Too long to list everything.  

They were not at first thrilled w/ the idea of sharing. Can you tell??  Don't know why they thought they were each getting  a basket as this is what they did last gifts.  They wanted more candy is the bottom line.  Let's see.  They had gummy worms and a chocolate bunny in this lot.  A goodie basket from my brother.  Earlier in the week, jelly beans, malt balls & reeces peanut butter eggs from the Easter Egg hunt here.  So, I think they met their candy quota to be quite honest.  

Nik and Alex digging into the bin.  Yes, Alex slept in his clothes again.  And Nik slept w/ just pajama bottoms on.  Hey, if they're going to sleep I really don't complain.

Max was too tired to even open anything.  Poor guy.  Getting my kids back on schedule after a break is rough.  Always is.  But, we had a good time over spring break so I'm ready.  

Looking at the movie that was in there.  Sponge Bob Lost at Sea.  they all love Sponge Bob.  Girls each received a necklace and then some craft items to make as well.  

Some more of the "loot."  Sidewalk chalk, goal cones, bingo game, 2 tubs of bubble gum, a whole package of candy bars, etc.  Just a variety for sure.  They have really enjoyed the bingo game which surprised me.  Gummy worms are gone as are the chocolate bunnies.  Candy bars have not been opened yet.  

Nik digging right into that bunny at 7am.  He ate the whole thing.  Crazy kid!  Kids did enjoy what they received and have been playing with everything, especially, the balls and bingo game.  Oh, and all have been getting tree frogs.  After this, it was church time.  I'll have to fill you all in on that too.  So many updates, so little time.  Sorry but the blogging is the last thing on my lists.  That's why I get so far behind and then do like four posts at once.  Chat soon.  Time to go clean up a bit.  Get ready for school tomorrow & me back to watching just the 4 "littles."  I personally hate trying to get back into routine after a break.

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